10 Tips To Save Money On Mobile App Development Costs

“Save money on mobile app development costs is a dream for every business owner who wants to complete mobile app development in a budget. Let’s discuss 10 tips that can help you to digitalize your business through mobile apps within a budget.”

“Mobile app development is expensive”- that’s what you got to hear from most businesses or companies.

This is because they have been ripped off by their development companies.

Want to save money on mobile app development costs?

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Also, this statement usually erupts doubts and question marks in the mind of business owners who are thinking of getting a mobile app for their businesses.

But this is not the case every time. Generally, speaking app development firms are very clever when it comes to charging their clients.

On the other side, clients “business owners” aren’t very well aware of valuable tricks that can help them from not being overcharged by the app development firms. Thus they trap in a cage placed by them.

But you’re surely not one of them. Because you want not to be overcharged or ripped off by the development company.

Below we’ve shared 10 practical tricks that will help you save money on mobile app development costs.

Make sure to run through these 10 tricks right till the end to complete a critical process under the budget that you would love to spend.

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Creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)- To Test Idea

Whether you’re on a large investment or a very tight budget, in both cases creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is more than necessary.

But first, let’s understand what a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is.

The first version of the product (app) will that help you understand whether the app is a success or not.

Such apps are not finally developed, but with the limited integrated features, the developers will get to know what to remove and how to enhance the app experience.

Creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) instead of a completely developed app allows you to observe the initial user interaction with your app before rushing into the final app development phase.

Below are the benefits of building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

  • Enhance customer experience.
  • Determining market demand.
  • Getting stakeholders and investors interested.
  • Initial interaction with the customers.
  • Mitigate the development risk
  • Cost-effective strategy

Here you might be wondering how building MVP can save money on mobile app development costs.

Simply, when you run quality assurance test on a MVP product and detect errors the cost to eliminate the errors reduced significantly compared to fully developed mobile app.

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Clear Objective For Your Application

Plan, Plan, Plan, and once again plan. You might have never read the word “Plan” before this time.

Mobile app development is all about how much time you invest in planning and researching for your app.

When you’re researching and brainstorming for your app never set a time period. 

Let it be as prolonged as possible because the longer you decide the more quality the final product will be.

Plus, when you’re on a serious budget planning becomes indispensable. Because if you miss out on any important thing in the planning phase. Eventually, it will lead to extra expenses. 

In short, proper planning save money on mobile app development costs.

You can drive the research phase to the next league by preparing a set of questions and finding answers to these questions by yourself.

  • How your application is better than other present apps in the market?
  • What benefits does your app drive for the users?
  • Determining the target customers and how they will interact with your app?
  • What are the basic functions and features the app should include?
  • What issues should your app address?

Off-the-Rack Templates

It’s not that necessary to build everything from the ground up especially when you’re on a shoestring budget. 

Ready made and off-the-shelf templates have become very good these days. You can’t even differentiate between the ones that are made from scratch and ready-made. 

Developing everything from scratch is still a street ahead, but businesses that don’t have much to spend can use free online templates can help.

You can find tons of both free and paid templates on the internet. Utilizing these easily accessible templates can save money on mobile app development costs

Select a Suitable Pricing Model

Most of you might not consider the pricing model of such important. 

But in reality, it is one of the important aspects that is critical to undertake when looking to develop a mobile app on a short budget.

How you’ll pay a mobile app development company ensures that you save money on mobile app development costs. On top of that, it also important for the overall success of the app development 

Generally, there’re two pricing models followed in the industry. Choosing the right payment model can help you save money.

Under what conditions you should choose hourly payment model?

  • For complex and advanced-level mobile app development
  • Direct communication with the development company
  • More control over the project

Under what conditions you should choose fixed payment model?

  • For simple mobile app development
  • If the objective is cleared and all the information is transferred in one meeting.
  • Cost-effective model

Choose the Right Platform

Businesses always want to target the whole target audience instead of just a percentage of it. 

Android and iOS are the most popular operating system. Both these cover more than 90% of the mobile operating system.

If you want to target both these operating system through a native app it will be costly. If you have a large investment so this issue may never occur.

But if you don’t have much to spend and want to save money on mobile app development cost, you can choose a comparatively suitable platform. 

An excellent way to find the ideal platform is by conducting target audience research and market analysis. Learn which operating system your app’s consumers prefer and which platform best fits your development strategy in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform is always a better option if you want to develop a mobile app targeting multiple operating systems. 

If you build native apps for different operating systems it will be way more expensive and not every business can afford it. 

But instead of building native apps, you can develop apps through cross-platform frameworks that can help you to save money on mobile app development costs. Also, the single code base feature cut down the time by almost half .

Advantages of Cross-platform mobile app development.

  • Faster Updates & Flexibility
  • Cut Down The Development Bill
  • Just One Development Team is Enough
  • Extensive Audience Reach 
  • Easier Implementation
  • Easy Product Maintenance

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Simplicity at its Best for UI/UX

App owners often ask for more and more features in to their app which ruins the entire structure of the application. 

Clients need to realize that more features will never increase application engagement but oppositely, it will damage the customer experience and will result in more app abandon rate. 

The ideal way to drive insane traffic and build a loyal customer base is by a simple, easy, and engaging layout and interface that will crave customers for more. A combination of black and white design always offers the best user experience. 

Besides simplicity, a smooth and trouble-free search option is more important than anything when it comes to user experience. 

From the cost perspective, a simple and plain user interface almost costs nothing compared to an advance features app. By embracing simple app design you can save money on mobile app development costs

Rely On Necessary Features Only

Companies and businesses develop mobile apps with the objective which is to get closer to the users, daily operations can be carried out through apps, and facilitate transactions. 

Now imagine you develop an app and overfilled it with unnecessary and gratuitous features.

Would it be easy for your user to navigate?

Of course not! If you think adding more features will make your app lovable. We’re sorry! This will never be going to happen. Inversely, users will hate your app.

The benefits of using essential features will not just increase engagement but also save money on mobile app development costs.

Consider Maintenance Costs

If you think once the app is developed and launched in the market, it don’t needs any cost in the future. You’re wrong! 

An app lifecycle is consist of three phases; 1) Development 2) Deployment 3) Maintenance. 

The majority of businesses owner don’t consider maintenance as part of the mobile app budget. 

But sooner or later, the app needs to remove bugs and errors and also ensure smooth running. 

While budgeting the mobile app development cost, you must add the maintenance cost. 

The question here to ask is “ How much is the maintenance cost?”.

Most companies keep 20% of the total mobile app development cost to the maintenance cost. For example, if the mobile app development cost is $100,000, then 20% of the total cost which is $20,000 will be app maintenance cost.

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Go For The Right Partnership

Choosing the right app development company is of the same importance as any other aspect on the list. 

Ultimately, the success and quality of the application depend on the development team you selected for the project.

Thanks to globalization now you don’t have to hire an in-house team and pay them regular salaries. There’re several options that you can consider nowadays. 

You can get in touch with freelancers, and full-time development companies, and the opportunity of hiring a complete in-house team is still there.

Choosing the right development company is not just luck. But there’re tricks that ensure the kind of team you’re choosing is the best option for you.

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Wait there’s more to it.

Choosing right mobile app development company helps to save money on mobile app development cost because they will be more dedicated for the product success instead of finding ways to overcharge you.