7 Crazy Benefits Of Custom Mobile Apps For Business

Custom mobile apps for business isn’t a hot topic anymore.

As it has become the way of survival and staying ahead of arch-foe competitors.

But; what’s even more important is the sheer number of mobile apps.

Did you even know that there are nearly 8.9 million mobile apps in all app stores combined

That’s bonkers!


Keeping that in perspective, one could say that there’s an app for every other thing we do.

From consulting doctors online to scheduling our day to keep track of our medication.

But that’s to the benefit of the consumer.

As a producer, meaning if you’re an owner of a business that has a custom mobile app of its own – or if you’re a developer yourself – that means that the market is pretty saturated.

All that means is that you better have a legit idea that solves a particular problem of its audience, its users.

If that’s not the case, we’ll recommend you research and find a problem that your audience faces. Take that decision based on data. No gut feelings are involved, whatsoever.

What is Custom Mobile App For Business?

Custom mobile apps for business are all about creating a mobile app with proper planning, understanding, and research.

As a result, you get a mobile application that caters to the need of its users.

But because of the cost, some businesses also have another option.

But… Just like “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, every good, custom-made solution has an equally opposite, poor-quality, off-the-shelf solution.

We call it ready-made or off-the-shelf mobile apps.

In other words, “not interested in solving any of your audience’s problems directly” mobile apps.

Yes, you read that right. That’s pretty much it.

Off-the-rack mobile application is made from an existing temple with some tweaks, or just a bit of a tweak, or no tweak at all.

This might be an affordable option, but, this is the only advantage it offers.

But if you look closely enough, custom mobile apps for business are surely expensive — But it doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg.

Plus, it’s surely worth every dime.

So, what makes custom mobile app development worthwhile?

Well, do you want to 3X your business?

Build a loyal customer base?

Reach the fingertips of your target audience.


Do you find yourself nodding to these questions?

Well, then you pretty much know how hard you need a mobile app.

Do you really want to know how a mobile app 3X your business? In detail?

Read this blog: How Custom Mobile App Development Grow Businesses By 3X

Do it now.

For the rest of you who don’t want to know, let’s move on anyway, yeah?

Let’s see what are the benefits of choosing custom mobile apps for business.

1). Edge Over Your Competitors With Custom Mobile App

When a business starts, hardly anyone knows it outside the people sitting in the cubicle.

Then eventually, a marketing genius from one of the cubicles launches a brand awareness campaign.

A month or two later, some people come to know about your business.

Here’s the problem.

It’s the initial time that’s hard for any business.

Forget about building a loyal customer base, people find it hard to trust at all, in the first few interactions.

That’s something we know as audience friction.

Back in 2002, beating audience friction was a problem that you couldn’t possibly resolve in a time-efficient manner.

But in 2022, the world is at the fingertips of the audience — no matter the industry.

So whether you’re baking cakes or selling bras – if you make a mobile app, you’re on the fingertips of your audience. You’re within reach. You’ve destroyed the wall of audience friction.

To make an impression you must need a distinct identity and a better user experience and with the help of a custom mobile app, you can achieve it all.

2). Custom Mobile Apps For Business Can Protect User’s Data

Now here’s the riddle of the day.

For any business, what’s more important (or should be, at least) than crushing the profit scale?

Did you guess it yet?

It’s user privacy. Protecting their audience’s data.

That’s what’s important.

Today, if a hacker, from any part of the world, is able to compromise your app security and steal your user’ data, then it doesn’t deserve to be on the app store.

No, on a very seriousm non-humurous note.

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Off-the-rack mobile applications are always on the threshold of hacking because it doesn’t support any well-proof security.

But, it would be impossible to hack if you design a custom mobile app.

A customized mobile app is equipped with modern, fool-proof, vigilant features – making users’ data 99.99% safe and protected.

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During the development process, the custom mobile app development company brainstorms and consider the best security measures according to your business need.

3). Custom App Allows Easy Third-Party Integration

Can you guess how custom mobile apps for business are different from off-the-rack apps?

It’s pretty clear that a customized mobile app is fully created from the ground up. 

Making everything from scratch doesn’t mean everything.

There would be some third-party software and plugins that can’t be created from scratch.

The problem exists when you have a preexisting template-made application. 

Because when you try to integrate them into the app, it slows down the app and in some cases, the app stops working. 

But is there anything you can do to avoid it?

Absolutely Yes! You can steer clear of something like that if you go for custom mobile apps for business.

That being said, when creating a custom app the development company chooses the third-party software meticulously and integrates the ones that amalgamate well.

4). Custom Mobile Apps For Business Helps To Build Strong Bond

In order to make a handsome revenue out of your app, first you need to build a healthy relationship with your customers.

The first sign of a good customer relationship is that they come back to your app and use it more often.

For that purpose, all you need is a custom mobile app.

To bring back customers to your app you’ve two options.

Either, they come back on their own because they need something that only you can provide, or you can drive them back with push notifications.

Surely, the first option isn’t under your control but, you’ve got a second option that you can consider to create a strong bond.

Custom mobile apps for businesses allow you to send push notifications and personalized messages so you don’t just create positive relations but, also increase revenue.

5). Designing a Custom Mobile App Can Cope With Ever-Growing Market

In the ever-growing and ever-changing market you never knew what’s there for you in the future.

More often things become ever more unprecedented when you’re running a business through digital means.

Off-the-shelf mobile apps are unfortunately unable to deal with ever-evolving markets and trends which is not a feasible option for a long-term business.

Wait there’s more to it.

Template-made applications are designed to handle limited resources so the chances that they will grow with your business are almost zero.

In contrast, a custom mobile app for business is a totally opposite technique and a sight of relief for those who want to stay with the trends.

A custom mobile app offers more flexibility and higher scalability. 

A business that wants to expand more effortlessly must pick custom mobile apps as it handles larger volumes of data, being built, right from the start, with such necessary features in mind.

6). Customized Mobile Apps For Business Can Achieve Dream Productivity

Any workplace has two common goals.

1). Boost workflow 

2). Achieving workplace targets faster

But how custom mobile apps for business can help you with that?

A custom mobile app that you create for a workplace enables employees to increase efficiency and complete task faster.

But, how actually, do custom mobile apps do it?

Tailored-made mobile app development consists of not just one feature but, multiple features. 

That also means that the employees don’t have to use different tools, which cut down time significantly.

If said precisely, tailored made mobile apps increase employee productivity, improve collaboration, and ultimately, a higher return on investment.

7). Keep Informed Of Everything From Anywhere With Custom Mobile Apps

You surely aren’t looking at the laptop all the time, so what happens if there’s an emergency?

You’re going to miss it? Not at all.

Custom mobile apps for business allow you to access all your work documents from your phone screen.

But, how is it even possible?

Through custom mobile apps for business, you can get hold of all the important documents, files, and meeting calendars by synchronizing your phone with your desktop.

How custom mobile apps for business can serve your customers and helps your business to grow?

Excellent and Instant Customer Service

It doesn’t matter how good the product is if your business can’t address customer issues immediately, then you have a large base of unhappy and disgruntled customers.

One more thing, not every business is open round the clock, but customers are night owls and can ask for help any second.  

What to do if a customer comes up with a query at 2 am while you and your customer service team were sleeping? 

Definitely, there will be no one to help him out. Ultimately he’ll find some other place that not just provides him the same product or service as you but better and prompt customer service.

Now imagine you have a mobile app with the option “ Get to us when you need help” OR “Got a problem? Reach out to us”.

If a customer will experience any issue he’ll click the option and the automated chatbot will try to solve the problem.

Below we’ve listed 3 excellent reasons why mobile apps for business can clear up customer queries in a much faster way than a human.

Awake 24/7 and Ready to Help: Unlike humans, chatbots are awake day and night and can solve customer problems anytime.

Faster and Correct Reply: Once the customer types the problem or uses the voice chat option, the chatbot will reply as soon as the customer as he ends his words.

No Training Needed: Chatbots don’t need training like real humans. Once you integrate information it will solve come up with the solution from its database.

Discover Useful User Information

We all live in the 21st century, and if you still believe that you can make a solid marketing and promotion strategy without customer insight, then I don’t think this will work. 

And especially, in a fiercely competitive digital market, using customer insight becomes even more important to make the right call.

To gather customer data, mobile apps work as the biggest source. Because one customer downloads your app – he needs to provide his personal information which can be great information to make future marketing decisions.

Below we’ve mentioned some of the vital information that you can collect through your mobile apps.

  1. How many customers are using your app and how many new users do you get every day, month, or week?
  2. The number of new downloads and uninstalls.
  3. Demographic, language, gender, age, and so on
  4. Retention and abandon rate

A Much Closer And Personalized Way To Market And Promote

If we have to name one department that makes the most out of customer insight is the marketing department.

Once the marketing department has the access to the customer information, then they can make a sound decision.

But, actually what marketing department do with customer insight?

Customer insight is extremely important for marketing people, so they can plan and make strategies based on it. 

In addition, whenever they can come up with some unique idea or decision they have some real data to prove to their upper management.

Below we’ve jotted down two ways you can use user insight to make wise decisions and improve your current marketing strategies.

Send Push Notification: The major challenge problem for businesses is not to create a catchy and engaging copy but the correct time to send it. Once you’ve customer information you can choose the time based on it and cash in on it.

An Average Human Spends 4 Hours a Day on Different Apps: According to a survey average human spends 4-5 hours a day on a mobile phone. That means if you develop a mobile app there’s always a possibility that they will use the app on daily basis.

Custom Mobile Apps For Business Help You To Build A Huge Customer Fan Base 

The easiest way to measure how successful a business is you must check its retention rate – it’s simply that easy.

There’re surely several other ways, but the easiest and most prominent of them all is to go through the retention rate.

A Business’s first priority and surely the most important one –  shouldn’t be getting or engaging more customers, but coming up with more rock-solid and powerful strategies to keep the existing customers. 

Because once you retain a customer he’ll not just become a regular customer, but always helps you to engage more customer and build a loyal customer base from the word of mouth – and the good thing is you don’t need to spend a single penny.

Here’s how a mobile app can help you to build a customer base by offering loyalty programs.

Provide Cashback Discounts and Coupons: Loyal comes when you offer something which is totally unexpected. The biggest surprise you can offer to your user is s significant discount on the purchase. Make sure it’s not a one-time policy – offering discounts and saving opportunities regularly sticks customers with the business.


How Do I Create a Mobile App For My Business?

If you’re a developer yourself and know all the confusing programming codes, then you can create custom mobile apps for business on your own. But, if you’re not from a technical background this might not be possible without taking help from a custom mobile app development company.

If you’re one of them Quanrio can help you out. If you need a highly engaging and professional-looking custom mobile app for a business you just need to get in touch with us.

Who Makes Custom Apps For Business?

Software and mobile app development companies usually make custom mobile apps for businesses. An individual who used his/her technical expertise to make a mobile app is called an application developer.

Why Create An App For Your Business?

Creating mobile apps has become a must-have source or platform to compete in this digital era. There’re five reasons why you need to create an app for your business.

  • Closer to your target audience
  • Open more doors to engage potential customers
  • Additional marketing channel
  • Create a large customer base
  • Upper hand over competitors

How Much Does a Custom Mobile App Cost?

Custom mobile app development is a pretty exhausting and long-drawn-out process. Since the benefits it reaps are unimaginable for a business, it needs you to invest a big amount. The average cost of a custom mobile app range from $40,000 – $80,000.