App Builder Vs Coding: Which Is The Best Option For Your Business In 2023?

A Mobile application brings numerous benefits to the business in the long term. 

In the long term, means when the mobile app for a business is developed and customers have downloaded the app and the business has started generating revenue from it.

But at the initial stage, when the business owners are thinking about the mobile application development for their business they undergo a bunch of hurdle and complications. 

Among them, one of the biggest complications is the cost of mobile application development.

And why it shouldn’t be as budget is extremely important to consider. 

Because the more budget you have the more advance and high-performing mobile app you can build for your business.

But businesses that are on a shoestring budget see app builder as the ideal option. 

Because they think a mobile app built with the help of a free app builder is the same as an app made by an app developer with all the effort and energy.

But let’s find out as a business owner which is the best option for your app builder or custom mobile app build with coding.

But before we analyze both options we want to make one thing clear a custom mobile app can never be compared to an app built with a free app builder when it comes to features and functionalities.

So without further ado let’s get started.

Is App Development And Coding Same?

Mobile app development and coding are not the same but they are related somehow.

Custom mobile app development required you to write code in a programming language which is called coding.

On the other hand, mobile apps that are built by free app builders don’t require you to write codes.

Due to that business owners, who have a limited budget to spend and have no prior knowledge of coding use them.

Is It Good To Create An App Without Coding?

If you don’t want to make a custom mobile app with coding because of any unavoidable reason the only option left is to make an app with free app builders.

But if you’re wondering whether creating an app without coding is good or bad so the answer is it depends.

If you’ve got a limited budget to spend then it’s better that you go with a no-code app builder because it is better than not having a mobile app. 

On the other side of the coin, free app builders have lots of issues too. 

So without any delay let’s discover the good and bad sides of app builders.

 Advantages Of Using An App Builder For App Development

Budget Friendly: The biggest perk of using app builder is that you don’t have to pay a hefty amount of money to app developers. Even as a business with no technical background, even they develop it on their own.

No Coding Skills Required: As a business owner if you’ve never been into programming or coding even you can use app builders to build an app successfully.

Development Time: Mobile app for businesses made by a professional app development company takes months to develop because they made everything from scratch. Contrastingly, making an app for business with app builders can be made in under an hour as you don’t have to make anything from scratch.

Disadvantages Of Using An App Builder For App Development 

No or Limited Customization: The biggest problem with an app builder is that you can’t do the things you like. For example, if you have any unique and fascinating idea or design you cannot apply it because you can only choose from the provided options and themes. That being the case, you’ll be unable to make any customization and you’ll end up just like the others in the market. in simple words, an app with with an app builder can’t stand out.

Limited Functionality: One of the ways to measure the success of the app is by how many and what level of features and functionalities are integrated into the app. When you build an app with free app builders you can’t integrate all the features and especially the high-end ones. 

Limited Control: When you build an app for your business with a help of an app builder you are unable to do whatever you want to do. In simple words, 90% of the control is in the hands of the app builder the rest 10% is in yours. That means from making changes to incorporating features you can do most of the things.
Limited Scalability: Another serious issue in using app builder is that you’re unable to build high-level and powerful. Because all builders don’t support complex architecture and infrastructure. Moreover, for example, if you build an app with an app builder you’ll face issues in the future because once you want to add features and functions the app builder doesn’t support them.

What Are The Key Differences Between App Builders And Custom Mobile App Development?

App builders and custom mobile app development are both legit, safe, and popular methods to build a mobile app. 

But, when it comes to choosing the best between the two options business owners find themselves in a confusing state.

To end the confusion once for and all.

Make sure you go through the primary differences between app builders and custom mobile app development.

This section is more like an app builder vs coding.

Based on different factors we’ll find out who is the winner.

Development Time: (Winner: App builders)

App Builders: When you use app builder to build an app you’ve all the options, functions features, templates and many more already available. So you don’t have to craft anything from the ground up. With the help of app builders, you can make an app as fast as in under 1 hour.
Custom Coding: If you’re looking for custom mobile app development you’ve to wait for at least 3 months to get your app developed. Because during custom mobile app development, everything is made from scratch which is why it takes time. Also, a custom mobile app goes through lots of development phases like research, planning, design, development, and testing.

Customization: (Winner: Custom Solution)

App Builders: The space for customization in the app builders is next to nothing. The only customization that the app builder provides you is changing color that too when you get the premium version of the app builder. That being the case, the customization is very limited or not at all.
Custom Development: The room for Customization is always available when you build an app with coding. Tha means developers can code anything you want in your app.

Maintenance: (Winner: Custom Solution)

App Builders: An app builder that is building an app will be responsible for the maintenance and updates. That means you’ve to wait for the app builders to update every time. Also if there’s a big change in the app dynamics you’ve to wait for the app builders to do it. 
Custom Development: If you’ve built an app with the assistance of an app development company, it’ll be your responsibility to keep the app maintained and updated. That means as an app owner you can make changes whenever you want.

Cost: (Winner: App Builder (If Only Development is Concerned))

App Builder: If you’re making an app with an app builder you can even make it without spending a single penny with the help of app builders. App builders allow businesses to choose any plan starting from 0$.
Custom App Development: The cost to make a custom app is impossible without considering different factors. Factors that influence the cost are the complexity of features, developer location, features, and much more. The rough estimate for a custom mobile app starts from $20,000 and goes up to $100,000.

Results (Winner: Custom Solution)

App builder: Apps made with app builders are of simply no use. Also, when you launch your app it mostly gets canceled by the different play stores. And in case, your app gets published it may not accomplish the desired results.
Custom Solutions: Apps built from coding are the best. Not just they are approved by the play store review team instantly also customer loves such apps with a unique interface and cutting-edge features.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing The Ideal Option For Your Business

If you are still in a state of confusion and can’t get to a conclusion even after reading all the advantages and disadvantages.

Ake sure you ask yourself these three questions.

If you’ll answer all these questions successfully you’ll certainly be in a position to make a decision.

1. Who Is Your Target Audience And What Are Their Expectations Of You?

The first question that needs to ask yourself is whether your mobile app for business is either for internal communication use or for the customers. 

If you’re making an app to streamline and automate company tasks then you would probably dont have a wider market to target.

Under such conditions, you can go with an app builder.

But on the other hand, if you’re making an app for your customers so they order products or consider service.

You must go with the custom solution.

2. Do You Want To Integrate Any Advance Or Complex Features?

If you wish to integrate any cutting-edge features into your mobile app your wish can’t be fulfilled if you want it with app builders.

Because app builders can only help you in making simple apps.

While plugins and APIs can help expand their functionality, there are eventual limitations.

3. What Is Your Future Plan? Will Your Mobile User Base Expand In The Future Or Not?

If your app requires rare or niche functionality, an app builder may not be able to accommodate that.

If you want an app that is customized to your business requirements and integrates features without any limitations, a custom mobile solution is a perfect choice.

If you want a customer app, Sooner or later, you’ll have a large base of customers. 

And with each passing day, there will be more customers using your app.

In the case of a custom application, the case is simple. 

It can handle a large number of customers without any issues.

On the other hand, app builders don’t support a huge number of customers. 

If you want to increase the capacity you’l need to pay them. 

If this is the case, its better to go with custom mobile app development.