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Quanrio is a prominent brand identity design agency specializing in creating brand identity design solutions. Our brand identity design solutions are created to align perfectly with your audience and improve your business presence. With years of experience, we have the expertise to cater to the needs of tech startups and businesses globally. We take pride in our ability to convert your brand’s vision, values, and personality into a compelling visual identity.

At Quanrio, we believe that a well-designed brand identity is not just a visual appeal. It's about creating a memorable and consistent brand experience that communicates your brand’s story and values. No matter if you’re a startup or rebranding your existing business, our solutions are designed to enhance your business.

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Benefits of Professional Brand Identity Design


A strong brand identity means having consistency across all the channels including your website, social media, business cards, packaging, and other material. Consistency allows for building trust and brand recognition.


A well-developed brand identity is meant to increase the credibility of your brand. It helps to improve your brand’s reputation and attract more potential clients.


Having a strong brand identity makes you stand out from the rest of the market. It makes your company special and retains customers who align with your brand.

Brand Recognition

A unique brand identity enhances your brand recognition. When someone sees your logo or name they should immediately see your brand image.

Increased Value

A strong brand identity can help in increasing the overall value of your brand which in turn helps in increased opportunities for expansion and investment.

Our Brand Identity Design Services

Logo Design

We have a team of highly skilled designers who have experience in creating memorable logos for your brand. Our brand identity design services make sure that your logo speaks the value of your brand and suits your target audience as well.

Social Media Guidelines

Our team creates particular guidelines for your company's online presence on social media. These rules help you optimize the visibility of your brand while keeping consistency and platform-specific specifications. Make sure your social media profiles complement your entire brand strategy by using our services for brand identity creation.

Brand Design System

We create a design system for your brand that helps users understand your branding style and assets. This includes mood boards and guidelines that define your visual identity and create consistency across all platforms. Our brand identity design services provide a balanced brand image.

Animated Brand Collateral

We bring your brand elements to life with animations and motion graphics. It helps in increasing your brand’s impact on the target audience and creates great brand awareness. Our brand identity design agency specializes in designing captivating animated material to enhance the visual attractiveness of your business.

Brand Guidelines

We create detailed brand guidelines containing the rules and standards governing your brand identity. These guidelines include logo usage, color palette, typography, and other visual elements. Our services make sure that your brand looks consistent and professional.

Digital Brand Elements

Our team provides all the digital brand elements you need to successfully present your brand online. From website graphics to online advertisements, our brand identity design firm makes sure that every digital interaction reflects your brand identity and strengthens your online presence.

Our Brand Identity Design Process

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Step #1: Understanding

The first step of our brand identity process begins by understanding the details of your business. We gather information on your background, explore your vision and values, and identify your target personas to make sure that the design is according to your brand’s goals.

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Step #2: Discovery And Research

The first step of our brand identity process begins with the understanding of your brand and what it represents. Our team carries out the competitive analysis to make sure that your brand stands out in the crowd.

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Stage#3: Strategy

After going through the complete research and understanding of your brand. Our next move is to create a strategy that includes different critical components such as defining the stages and personality of your brand, identifying market opportunities, establishing clear positioning and messaging, and creating a clear brief. We carefully address each of these areas to make sure that your brand’s identity is effectively communicated to your target audience.

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Step#4: Creative

Our creative process turns your brand identity into life and contains several key elements. At this stage, we develop a memorable name that goes with your brand and target audience. Next, our expert designers design a logo that captures the core of your brand identity to make sure it stands out and leaves a lasting impression. We also create a clear messaging framework according to your brand’s messages and values.

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Stage#5: Deliver And Integrate

Deliver and integrate is the last and final stage of our brand identity design is the smooth delivery and integration of your new brand asset. We offer comprehensive brand identity packages that include essentials such as logos, brand guidelines, and visual elements. We also make sure to work closely with your team to adapt new assets to your brand. We also support updating your website, social media profiles, and marketing materials.


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Brand identity design services enclose all your graphic design decisions that define a brand. The visual identity of a company is included in it such as logo, color palette, and graphic elements. It also includes marketing materials such as business cards and product packaging.

Four main brand components must be addressed while developing your brand strategy which is a strong brand identity, brand image, brand culture and brand personality.

The process for working with a brand identity agency varies. However, at Quanrio, the process involves the discovery phase, research, design concepts, revisions, and final delivery.

The time to develop brand identity design depends on the complexity of the project and the client’s requirements. However, it may take anywhere from 3-6 weeks.

A brand identity design company typically offers services including logo design, brand guidelines, color palette, business cards, typography, letterhead, packaging, and more.

The cost of a brand identity company depends on several factors such as the complexity of a project, the company’s level of expertise, geographical location and the scope of services required.

Brand identity agency results in a unique and effective identity that builds trust and recognition with your audience. Consistency and customization can help drive growth and differentiate your business from competitors.

With an effective brand identity design, you can create a consistent brand and message across all your marketing platforms.

Brand identity design helps businesses to differentiate in a competitive market. A unique and balanced identity enhances brand recognition, boosts credibility, and promotes trust among consumers.

Choosing a designer includes assessing their portfolio, analyzing their experience in your industry, and client reviews for credibility.

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