Everything About Cost Of App Maintenance

If you believe building an intuitive and engaging app will give you an edge over your competitor in the fiercely competitive market.

Then, it’s time for you to rethink.

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No app can ever survive in the today’s digital environment without conducting proper app maintenance time to time.

Let’s try to understand it with the help of a real-life example.

You’ve purchased a brand-new car. You drove it for a few days and it was working fine.

But sooner or later, you’ll realize that the car isn’t working as it was at the time you bought it.

So, what you’ll do?

Of course, you’ll visit a mechanic to get it repaired, so it can offer the same experience as before.

Similarly, a newly built mobile application might work fine for a few days or months. 

But after a few time, you need to get it repaired, so it can offer a similarly amazing experience as it was offering before.

In the case of mobile applications, you won’t visit a mechanic as it’s not their expertise.

You’ll have to find a mobile application development company or developers who offer app maintenance services.

But, before you head to the mobile application development company it’s very important to know the cost of app maintenance.

Well, we don’t have to say it but for the majority of app owners who wants to keep their app updated and maintained, their first question will be how much is the cost of app maintenance.

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How Much Average App Maintenance Cost?

Keeping things as precise as possible, app maintenance cost is 15-20% of the total development budget.

For instance, if the total mobile app development bill is $100,000. Then the cost of app maintenance will be around $15,000-$20,000. 

Remember this is not the final app maintenance cost. The cost may get higher and lower than this.

But before we chew over the cost of app maintenance, it’s terribly important to know what type of app maintenance you’ll get when you start mobile app maintenance.

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Types of Mobile App Maintenance

Any typical mobile app development company, that performs app maintenance will conduct these four types of mobile app maintenance.

Emergency Maintenance

Let’s start with the most common one.

As the name suggests, emergency maintenance is the type of maintenance where the application is facing sudden crashes or unexpected errors. 

A mobile app development company eliminates every error by providing emergency maintenance service and bringing the mobile app back on track.

The reason why it is called emergency maintenance is that if the issue doesn’t clear out it can make users leave the app and never come back. 

To keep running and offer a smooth user experience the issue must be disposed of at the very moment.

Preventive Maintenance

As the name implies, preventive maintenance is used to keep the app prevent from getting outdated.

But, what does that really mean?

By the word outdated we meant optimizing and restructuring the app codes so the app performs in its original way.

Through preventive maintenance, you improve the app maintainability ratio and reduce the chances of any unexpected errors and bugs. 

Adaptive Maintenance

As the name indicates, adaptive maintenance is a major type of app maintenance performed by the mobile app development company that adapts to current and new technologies in the market.

In addition, you need to make changes to the app sooner or later to abide by the latest trends and innovative technology.

Adaptive maintenance ensures that your app successfully adapts to the constant changes in technology.

For instance, the programming language or the third-party APIs might get expired or outdated after a few times.

By conducting adaptive maintenance you’ll keep all the things updated and up to the user’s expectations.

Corrective Maintenance

The fourth type of app maintenance that an app needs after a few months is corrective maintenance.

If you wish that your app doesn’t have any faults and defects you need to take care of errors in the application functionality.

If a fault occurred in the code, design, or app logic it will be repaired under corrective maintenance.

Best Practices for App Maintenance

Mobile app maintenance is a complex and daunting process that includes several things that are impossible for a nontechnical person to understand.

However, during app maintenance, there’re certain things that are more important than others that even a common with no technical knowledge can also be aware of.

Here’re the 4 best practices for app maintenance to keep your app working.

Update Your User Interface Regularly To Keep Users Engaged

A mobile app will only drive benefits if it’s engaging new users and retaining existing users.

But, how exactly it’ll be possible?

A mobile app user interface that is customized and built keeping all the current trends in mind can help you to build a loyal fan base.

So, if you ever feel that the current mobile app UI has been outdated. That means it needs a prompt update.

Track User Responses And Performance

Tracking your app performance is necessary for so many reasons. 

Imagine a user accessing your app and after a few clicks, the app starts popping errors and suddenly it crashes.

Now imagine happening it more often.

That means you’ve lost all your users.

To steer clear of all that, it is indispensable that you monitor app performance and create analytical reports to improve the app’s performance.

You can take app performance monitoring to a next level by keeping a check on user performance.

It’ll help you to figure out, the pain points that force users to leave the app.

With the help of such data, you can later make changes and fill the loophole to decrease the app abandon rate.

It’s Time to Integrate New Features

When it comes to a mobile app the easiest way to have an edge over your competitors is by making your app more advanced and innovative.

That is only possible by integrating ultra-edge features into your app.

Sooner or later, you’ll realize that your app isn’t showing the same level of results as before.

Moreover, customers are abandoning your app and your competitor’s application is becoming their first priority.

Under such circumstances, the only you can surpass your competitors is by integrating new features that will add value to your app.

Scheduling System Maintenance

Instead of making app maintenance, your task makes it a habit.

When you make app maintenance your daily habit there’s no chance you’ll ever miss out on any errors, bugs, and crashes.

Interestingly, you can also inform users about the app shutdown due to maintenance. 

Ultimately no user will open the app during that duration and you can app update without worrying about the user experience.

Why Mobile App Maintenance Is The Talk Of The Town?

If you’re thinking that developing a mobile app and releasing it is the only investment to get your business a digital footprint.

Unfortunately, you’re misled.

Well building a mobile app is itself a huge landmark and a success but it would be of no benefit if it failed to serve customers on a long-term basis.

Your mobile app will not get all the appreciation in a day or a week but it can consume up to months to get feedback.

Till the time your mobile app gets feedback, there can be up to 100 new technological advancements and innovations.

If your mobile app doesn’t adhere to all these new technologies and features that dont expect much appreciation from the users.

Wait! The bad news doesn’t end here.

Apple removed 439,000 apps during quarter two of 2022, again due to a lack of updates for years. 

Google stays one hand ahead of Apple and removed 3,553,050 due to various complaints.

If you want your app not to be included in google or apple review radar, then make sure it is updated and maintained.

Till here you must have understood why more app owners are looking for the right app maintenance services.

If this information isn’t sufficient, make sure to go through the next 3 points listed below.

Reading it you’ll certainly realize why mobile app maintenance is the talk of the town.

Eliminate Bugs, Errors, and Crashes

The paramount reason why 90% of mobile apps get app maintenance services is that they experience some unexpected bugs and errors.

Well, bugs and errors in a mobile app aren’t unexpected at all. 

Because of how well the mobile app is developed even the number 1 mobile app developer will occur somehow.

But luckily the good thing about these bugs is that they can be stamped out with the mobile app maintenance services.

To make sure that these errors don’t damage user experience they should be detected and put at the end first hand.

Adhere to Different App Store Guidelines

Google play store and apple app store are the two most common stores that host more than 90% of mobile apps.

That being said, they constantly change their rules and regulation for the apps.

If your app is listed at any of the stores that means you’re obliged to comply with the terms and conditions. 

And if you don’t it may cost you the app.

So, heads up on any major policy changes of the App Store and upgrade the app accordingly.

App Maintenance Counter Security Threats

There’re uncountable security breaches and cyber-attacks that happen in a day.

Also with the increase in the use of mobile apps, data breaches and cyber-attacks are more than ever. 

That being said, the easiest target for hackers are the applications that have not made their security well proof and robust.

In order to make your app unhackable and to protect your user data safe, you keep implementing new ways and maintain and update the existing ones.

4 Steps to Maintain Your App

Begin the app development with all the necessary things in mind

When you head towards mobile app development you must undertake certain things in mind. 

Among that, the most important thing that usually a majority of app developers often overlook is app maintenance. 

Keeping the app maintenance in mind, choose the platform that is suitable. Also, while choosing the tools, frameworks, and technologies ake chose to cherry-pick the ones that don’t get outdated later on.

In addition, the app features matter the most. So make sure to integrate the best features that are not just essential from the user’s perspective but also from the maintenance end.

While some features might look advanced and innovative but it makes the app slower, and more complex. 

Also, the time and money required to keep it updated is another problem overwhelming.

Take Care of Scalability

No one can ever predict how successful your app will be or how many users will download it.

The best idea is to create an app structure and architecture that is big enough that it can host and save millions of data.

The thing we see most often that is whenever an application receives more users than expected it crashes, which also damages the user experience.  

That’s why it’s highly recommended that make your app scalable that is strong enough to handle any number of users.

Stick To Your Development Team

Hiring a different team for each step is not just a time-consuming process but also skyrockets the app testing, deployment & maintenance costs.

That’s the rule of thumb is to hire the right app development company and make sure to keep going.

Instead, if you go keep changing the development company after every next phase there’s a 100% that things will mess up.

But if you keep going with the same development company they knew what to do and this also reduces the cost of app maintenance.

Make Use of Analytics Tools

Once the app is live there’s no need to sit comfortably, but the real work starts right from there.

If you want your app to be the number one choice of every user and offer a dream user experience – make sure you track user responses via the app analytical tool.

Monitoring user response with analytical tools helps you to find the loopholes which need to be filled.

Also, if you feel the app abandon rate has increased, you can always add new features based on user feedback.

How Much Does App Maintenance Cost?

The common perception in the app development industry is that the cost of app maintenance is 15-20% of the development bill.

Well, this statement might be true in some cases but not in all cases.

The cost of app maintenance can be higher or lower than this. In most cases, it depends on the complexity of the app.

The more complex the app will be higher the maintenance cost will be.

App complexity is just one factor there can be up to ten factors that are important to consider when calculating mobile app maintenance costs.

App Hosting

Let’s start with the basic cost that every app that wants to save data to the servers wants to pay for it.  

App hosting service is not free. And what is even more important is that it can never be avoided.

However, it can be reduced based on the content, the number of active users, and projected growth.

For example, if you want to host a simple app with no audio, video, or user login you can go with the basic hosting plan starting from  $70.

On the other hand, if your app has more complex features like user login or an e-commerce component you need to go with the premium plan that can cost up to $320.

Improving Customer Experience 

The more happy customers you have the more revenue you can generate. 

To make customers happy and satisfied, the number rule is to answer all their queries immediately.

Whenever your user feels any issue with the app the first thing he’ll do is tell you about it.

But what if there’s no one to help him out?

A developer isn’t there all the time. The best you can do is to hire a team of Customer support reps.


Once the app is developed its imperataive to keep an eye on the user response and engagement. 

Also, its necessary to monitor bugs, crashes, and other glitches that can damage the user engagement.

To keep an eye on all this important data, there’re many tools available in the market. Among them, the most widely used is the Google analytics.

Using such tools can help you check your users’ preferences and expectations so that you can make immediate decisions. 

Third-party Services

There’re many features if your app you can’t built from the scratch. 

And if you did it can be very time consuming and expensive.

What you can beter is to use licensed technology from third parties.

It’s importan to mention here that such third party services does’t come for free. You must need to pay. 

Some of the most familiar third parties services are Gmail account services and payment gateways.

So in case  you’re using third-party services for your app, you’ll need to pay on a monthly basis.  

App Marketing Aspect

One of the good things that you can do after publishing your app is to promote and market it through different means and platforms.

Well, this part may not be necceayr for some app owners but if you want quick success you must do it without a doubt.

Some of the best marketing tools you can utilize are social media engagement, push notifications, community development, etc.

Many of these tools doesn’t come for free.

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4 Proven Ways To Cut Down Mobile App Maintenance Costs 

You must be thinking that developing a mobile app is the last investment you’ve to do.

But unfortunately, it’s not!

Once you’ve built an app it needs to be maintained, so it can offer a smooth user experience.

The bad thing is that it also needs investment which is not affordable at all.

But, you can certainly save most of your money by following the ways that most app owners neglect.

But we’re sure you’re not one of them.

To help you out we’ve jotted down five legit ways you can reduce mobile app development costs.

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Go With The MVP

Well, most app owners often overlook the importance of MVP and rush to complete the final app development which is totally against the norm.

Or we can even say that 90% of the app that directly rush to the complete development and ignore the MVP stage gets failed in the market.

Till now, we’ve discussed why MVP is considered important.

Now, it’s time to discuss how MVP influences the cost of app maintenance.

For companies and especially startups, who are on a shoestring budget, building MVP becomes the only way forward in the competitive times.

An MVP product consists of only necessary features that should be in a mobile app without any second thought. 

Adding only necessary features keeps the mobile app up to the mark, eliminates the chance of sudden errors and crashes, keeps the loading time faster, and everything a top-notch mobile app should look like.

When you add only the necessary features it automatically cut down the app maintenance cost because now you don’t need to invest a large sum of money to keep the extra features updated.

Pick The Ideal And Suitable App Development Platform

Before you start the mobile app development, the development company will ask for which platform you want to develop a mobile app on.

Commonly there’re 2 types of platforms for mobile app development.

1). Native mobile app

2). Cross-platform mobile app

Let’s first discuss what native mobile apps are.

As the term suggests, native mobile apps are platform-oriented mobile apps. 

The two most prevalent mobile apps operating systems are android and iOS.

Native app development allows you to build mobile apps that are built keeping a platform in mind.

Besides, this it has many other benefits including a smooth customer experience, platform optimized app, and state of an art interface.

With numerous benefits, it comes with several downsides too.

Some of the top highlighted downsides are slower development speed and higher development costs.

The second mobile app development platform is cross-platform or hybrid mobile apps. 

Cross-platform mobile app development allows you to build mobile apps for multiple platforms from a single code base.

It might not be the best option when it comes to offering the user experience, but if you’ve got a limited budget to spend and even less to spend on maintenance. 

Then without a doubt, cross-platform development is the way to go.

When comparing the development time and cost, the cross-platform mobile app is a way ahead.

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Built App With The Help Of The Latest Trends And Tools

If you’re really interested to save the cost of app maintenance, then you must take note of this. 

An app that is made with the help of current trends and tools will require less maintenance. Ultimately leading to less app maintenance cost.

To make sure that your app lives up to the current day trends then you must be attentive when choosing a custom mobile app development company.

When selecting a mobile app development company, make sure they undertake the most innovative and ultra-edge technologies to make your app.

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Discuss App Maintenance Costs With The Development Company 

The easiest and most straightforward way to save the cost of app maintenance is to discuss it with the development company prior to the development.

In most cases, the development team that has built your mobile app will also conduct the app maintenance.

You can discuss all the expenses related to app maintenance with them.  

If you’re in a good working relationship with them they will surely cut down the cost.


What Is The Maintenance Cost For Keeping An App Up To Date?

Keeping all the factors aside, the maintenance cost for keeping an app up to date is around 15%-20% of the total development bill. Dont forget the cost of app maintenance can be higher or lower than this depending on the size of the application.

How Much Does A Routine Maintenance App Cost?

The biggest mistake that app owners do is that they maintain the app once a year. Maintaining the app once a year has many disadvantages. Among them, the biggest disadvantage is that the cost of app maintenance goes significantly higher. When you come up with maintenance once a week, it not just lower the cost but, also the app offers an excellent customer experience all the time.

What Is The Average App Maintenance Cost Per Year?

The average app maintenance cost per year is 15%-20% of the total mobile app development budget. For the first year, the cost for app maintenance will be lower than 10% because you don’t have many users. Also, the app is newly built, so there are not many errors and bugs. 

What Is The Maintenance Cost Of A Mobile App Vs Mobile Website?

In 99% of the cases, the maintenance of a mobile app is always higher than the mobile website. In the majority of cases, the budget allocated for mobile app maintenance is 3x to 4x higher than the budget allocated for mobile website maintenance.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Maintenance Company For An App?

Generally, the mobile app development company that has built the mobile app will be responsible for the mobile app maintenance.  But in case you want to hire a different maintenance company for an app then it can be costly. Also, the time they will take to understand your app structure and architecture is another problem.

How Much Does The App Game Maintenance Cost?

If you want to keep your mobile game updated and fresh so it can offer a better user experience then you’ve to keep the game maintained. The app game maintenance cost is higher than any other mobile app. The average app game maintenance cost is more than 20% of the development budget.