Fitness App Development Cost And 5 Ways To Reduce It In 2023

Fitness applications are the talk of the town these days.

Every fitness-related business wants to build a fitness mobile application that can help them to thrive and prosper.

One of the most asked questions these days coming from fitness business owners is – is it possible to sustain in the fitness industry without a mobile application?

The simple answer to this question is a big NO!

Because fitness mobile apps have become the biggest source for customers to look for their fitness and health-related queries.

That being said, if you jump into the fiercely competitive fitness market without a fitness application, 99% of you’ll be in a few years or might not even sustain a few months.

Simply put, the only way to prosper in the fitness market today is by having a fitness mobile application.

If you’re reading this, then your next question should be “How much does it cost to create a fitness app?”.

Regratblly no, fitness app development company can give you an exact answer to this question without going through project details or app ideas.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Fitness App? (Rough Estimate)

Fitness app development costs can range from $20,000 – $50,000. 

Here you might be wondering why the Fitness app development cost range is too massive.

That’s because the $20,000 is for the simple fitness application with minimum features and 1 supported platform.

The more features you add to the app the fitness app development cost will start rising.

Number of features is one of the factors that affects the cost of developing a fitness app.

To discover more factors read the blog right till the end.

In last we’ve also discussed how you can reduce the fitness app development cost.

So make sure to be with us.

5 Factors Affecting the Fitness App Cost

5 Factors Affecting the Fitness App Development Cost

To discover the factors that impact the fitness app development cost you must go through this part of the blog.

These 5 are the reasons why any fitness app development agency can’t give the exact price of the fitness application without reading the project details.

1. The Complexity Of The Application Impacts The Fitness App Cost

Before we start with how the complexity of the fitness application contributes to the price of the fitness app.

We all have to agree that not every app is of the same complexity.

Some application takes more time, energy, and resources than others which makes them more complicated to build.

A similar fact applies in this case.

If you want to build a fitness application with complex features and a complicated design then you’ve to pay more.

To build such more time, effort and resources will be required.

Hence the fitness app development cost will increase.

Below we’ve mentioned 5 things that make an application complex.

  1. Scope and Features
  2. Integration
  3. Platform diversity
  4. Security
  5. UI/UX Design

Cost To Develop A Simple, Medium, And Complex Fitness App

Simple Fitness App: Building a simple fitness application with basic features costs $20,000.

Medium Fitness App: Building a medium fitness application with some basic and complex features costs $35,000.

Complex Fitness App: Building a complex fitness application with complex features costs $50,000.

 2. Supported Platforms Affect App Development Cost

Another factor that contributes to the cost of developing a fitness application is the number of platforms you’re building the app for.

The two main mobile operating platforms are Android and iOS.

Generally, the cost of building an iOS app is more than that of an Android app.

Because building an iOS is considered more complex and time-consuming.

Hence the cost is also higher.

Secondly, if you want to build the fitness application for both platforms at once, then you can simply double the price.

The native application-building approach enables developers to repeat the process multiple times with a different tech stack. 

Another option that you can consider is going with the cross-platform approach.

The cross-platform app development approach allows you to build the app for multiple platforms from a single code base.

Simply put, with a cross-platform approach you can build a fitness app for multiple platforms at the cost of one.

3. Number and Complexity of the Features 

The biggest factor that affects the fitness app development cost more than others is the Number and Complexity of the Features.

The more feature-rich you want your app to be the higher the cost.

Simply said, the number of features is directly proportional to the fitness app development cost.

Unfortunately, things don’t end here.

Besides number of the features complexity of the features has a greater impact on the cost of the application.

Features are of two types.

Simple and complex features.

The easiest way to distinguish between the two is the technical skills and time required to integrate the feature into the app.

If you need next-level technical skills to incorporate the feature into the app that means the feature is complex.

Below we’ve listed some of the basic and complex features integrated into the fitness app.

Simple Features

  1. User Profile Creation
  2. Workout Tracking
  3. Exercise Library
  4. Goal Setting
  5. Workout Plans
  6. Social Sharing

Complex Features

  1. Machine Learning and AI Recommendations
  2. Virtual Personal Trainer
  3. Health Data Integration
  4. Performance Analytics
  5. 3D Body Scanning
  6. Augmented Reality (AR) Workouts

4. Developer’s Location Shape The Fitness App Cost

When calculating the fitness app development cost make sure to consider the location of the developers as it has a considerable impact on the cost.

Here most of you will be thinking about what the location has to do with the fitness app development cost.

Answer: The per-hour cost of the developers varies from location to location.

If you hire a fitness app developer from the US or Australia you’ve to pay much more than the app developer from India or Pakistan.

The reason why developers from countries like America, Australia, and other first-world countries ask for more money is because they are in a country with a high standard of living.

So they ask for more money according to their country’s economy.

Tip of the day: Don’t hire a developer based on the affordable rates only. Consider other factors like language and time to work in a smooth way.

5. Designing and Animation

Last but not least, another factor that affects the fitness app development cost considerably which we can’t ignore or underestimate is the UI/UX design and graphic animation.

From the cost standpoint, if you want to make a fitness app that looks creative and visually appealing you’ve to pay more.

An attractive and appealing visual design requires an experienced designer, considerable effort, and more resources than a simple design.

Hence the price of such a design increases automatically.

But often we’ve seen a mistake that designers make: in order to make it attractive and captivating they add such stuff that makes the app complex to use.

As a result, when users use the app they have a hard time navigating through the app and ultimately they lose interest and abandon the applications.

The ideal thing to do is to keep the design simple yet attractive so users have a good time while engaging with the app and never lose interest.

How To Cut Down On The Fitness App Cost?

How To Cut Down On The Fitness App Development Cost?

Fitness app development can be out of the budget if you don’t take care of a few factors that cause the cost to rise.

Therefore, it’s important to bear all the factors in mind while developing a fitness app.

Do you want to complete the fitness application development in a limited budget?

Go through the 3 things that you can consider to reduce the fitness app development cost.

  1. Find the right fitness app development company: If you want your final product to be a success make sure you spend your time looking for a professional fitness app development agency. You’ll have countless options to choose from when you step into the market to hire an application development company. However, the ideal technique is to check their experience and how many successful apps they have built throughout their career.
  2. Work alongside the company during the app development journey: Leaving things on to the app development company after the initial meeting and coming back to them on the submission day; is one of the wrong practices. The best practice is to team up with them during the app development journey and keep an eye on every step. You can also prevent yourself from getting overcharged.
  3.  Keep The Design Simple: Creating a simple design has two benefits. First, it comes with very affordable rates compared to the extraneous embellishment design, secondly, it has a higher engagement and retention rates. Simply said, you can not only save investment but also increase the chance of making more revenue through simple design.