How Long Does A Website Redesign Take?

Website redesign is becoming increasingly common among website owners.

But, what makes website redesign extremely important?

Here’re 5 common reasons 90% of website owners redesign their websites.

  1. Outdated and old-fashioned interface.
  2. The website isn’t mobile optimized
  3. Add new features and function
  4. Slow page loading
  5. Aligning with Business Goals and Target Audience

The reason for a website redesign can be anything from the list above or anything that isn’t mentioned.

The reason for a website redesign can be easily figured out even by a non-technical person.

But the important thing that website owners can’t easily Crack is the time it takes to redesign a website.

According to many expert website designers, the redesign can take anywhere from 45 to 90 days.

But no website designer will ever guarantee or ute you a period for a website redesign unless he read the project details, listen to your requirements, and go through the website.

Some complex and advanced websites with high-end features and premium interfaces can even take 6 months to complete.

If you want to find out how long it will take to redesign your website without visiting the developer, make sure to go through this blog.

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What Does a Website Redesign Involve?

Many website owners have a misconception in mind that website redesign is all about color, text, and layout changes.

But in reality website redesign is just like website designing as a website developer you’ve to think about everything from scratch but in a fresh and unique way.

Website redesign is also comprised of improving and updating various aspects of a website to enhance its functionality, aesthetics, user experience, and overall performance.

There’re many things involved in a website redesign that was undiscovered up till now.

But today we’re going to disclose them.

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1. Planning and Goal Setting 

Just before website development, you’ve got a goal, and based on that you designed a website.

Similarly, just before the website redesign, you must have a goal.

The goal for a website redesign can differ from the initial website design.

Setting a goal helps website developer to redesign a website in the best possible way.

2. User Experience (UX) Design 

Besides making changes in colors and text, there’re some significant changes that are made in the website redesign.

Website redesign includes refining page layouts, increasing accessibility, and guaranteeing consistent branding throughout the site.

3. Visual Design 

The first thing that visitors see after entering a website is the visual layout.

If the visual layout is engaging and captivating enough to grab the attention of the visitors that means the customer will last longer.

Website redesign service includes selecting an appropriate color scheme, typography, imagery, and graphic elements to align with the brand identity 

4.Responsive and Mobile Optimization

If your website isn’t mobile optimized means if a customer accesses your website through a mobile device – but the experience isn’t good enough – means your website isn’t mobile friendly.

Website redesign makes sure that the website interface satisfies mobile users by offering them a similar experience just like desktop users.

5.Technical Development 

The technical development phase focuses on putting the redesign strategy into action. 

This comprises coding, content management system (CMS) integration, feature implementation, cross-browser compatibility, and website speed optimization.

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How Long Does It Take to Redesign a Website Step by Step?

A website redesign isn’t a prompt and immediate process.

This means if the client reaches a website development company they don’t just start redesign after hearing the client.

Before kicking off the website redesign, there’s a set of minor steps that tells what needs to be done.

Here is a general step-by-step breakdown of the website redesign process along with estimated timeframes for each stage.

Planning and Research (1-2 weeks): Once the client or website owner reaches out with a website redesign project request. The website developer goes through the project details and if he feels he can do it. The developer accepts it. The first step is the planning and research step in which the developer conduct market research, audience research, and competitor research. This stage takes 1 week at least.

Visual Design and Development (2-3 months): Create prototypes of important pages and design the visual components, including color schemes and typography, to define the overall look and feel of the website. Convert the design into a working website, including coding, CMS integration, feature and functionality development, and responsive design.

Quality Assurance and Testing (1-2 weeks): Once the website redesign is complete, it undergoes a comprehensive testing phase. This stage detects any errors, bugs, or faults that need to be removed before submitting the project to the client.