How Much Does Android App Development Cost

The android app development cost starts from $15 to $120 per hour, depending on the region of the developer.

For instance, hiring an android developer from India or any other part of south Asia will cost a lot cheaper than hiring a developer from the USA or any region of Europe.

But the developer’s location alone isn’t the factor. 

There can be up to 3 factors that influence the cost of android app development.

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Factors Influence The Android App Development Cost

Factors Influence The Android App Development Cost

Size Of The App

App size will directly determine the android app development cost.

The larger the app size, the more effort, technical skills, and resources will be required. 

Similarly, if the android app size is limited to a few pages, it will require fewer developers and resources to build.

  • Small app: Minimum features + 3 – 5 pages + MVP product= $10,000 – $20,000
  • Medium app: Advance features + 5 – 7 pages + Dynamic content= $25,000 – $40,000
  • Large app: ultra edge features + 10+ pages + Dynamic content= $40,000 – $100,000

No Of Features

The number of features is directly proportional to the android app development cost.

The more features you want to incorporate into your android app will take more time to complete. Thus, adding more zeros to the bill.

The best way is to consult a professional app development company or service, and they will help you understand the necessary features. 

When adding features to your app, think from your target audience’s mind. This way, you’ll know which features to add and which to avoid.

Complexity Of Features

Cutting-edge features like augmented reality and location tracking will always cost more than simple features like social media integrations and live chat.

Simply put, the more advanced the features will be, the higher the Android app development cost.

For instance, simple mobile apps like calorie counter apps, internet speed checker apps, call recording apps, phone editing apps, and calculator apps will be low priced than social media app, ride-hailing apps, or food delivery app.

How Can I Create My Own Android App?

How Can I Create My Own Android App?

You must have heard that to develop an android mobile app, you need to hire a programmer or person who knows to code.

Well! That’s true! To make a high-quality app with the best features, you need to hire a professional app developer.

However, things have completely changed nowadays.

Anyone with no technical skills or coding knowledge can develop an app with the help of a free app maker.

We’ve mentioned a list of app builders that can help you build an android app.

  • Shoutem
  • Siberian CMS
  • BuildFire
  • AppMachine
  • GoodBarber
  • Appy Pie

Can I Develop Android App For Free?

Building a mobile app for free still sounds like a dream. 

And this sounds even impossible for individuals with no technical background.

But with the introduction of free mobile app makers, you can build a high-performing app without coding or spending a single penny.

With the help of Swiftic, you can build an app regardless of the size of the app.

How Much Does It Cost To Publish An App On Android?

Once you’ve built the app, it needs to be published to reach the target audience.

The best way to make your app accessible is through the google play store, the official app store for android app users.

Unfortunately, to publish the app, you need to create a developer account which cost $25.

Once you’ve purchased the developer license, you can publish as many apps as you want.

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Is Android Studio Free?

Android studio is the google supported integrated development environment (IDE) that allows you to build android apps.

Android Studio is absolutely free.

It has an amazing user interface and helps android developers to build android apps in no time.