How Much Does Hotel Booking App Development Cost In 2023?

How much does it cost?

This is the very first question that pops up in every person’s mind when he likes something and wants to purchase it.

That being said if you’re really interested in building a hotel app for your hotel business.

Then you must want to ask the question to the hotel booking app development company which will be assisting you in building the app.

But wait!

Have you shared your project details or app idea with them?

Not yet!

Well, without this information no one can quote you the exact Hotel Booking App Development Cost.

But why!

Why isn’t it possible to come up with the cost of shoring what needs to be built?

Firstly, not every app is of the same complexity.

Some apps are more complex and bigger than others.

As a result, the cost to build the app varies from app to app.

Secondly, the number of features also influences the hotel booking app development cost.

The higher the number of features will be the higher the hotel booking app development cost.

But these two aren’t the only factors that affect the hotel booking app development cost.

There can be up to five factors that we’ll be discussing in the article.

So without further ado let’s get started.

5 Factors Affecting Hotel Booking App Development Cost 

5 Factors Affecting Hotel Booking App Development Cost 

1. Complexity Of The Hotel Booking App Development 

The biggest and most influential factor that affects the hotel booking app development cost is the complexity of the app.

The more complex an hotel booking app development will be more will be the cost.

But here most of you might be wondering what makes an app complex.

So, there are multiple aspects that make an app complex and complicated to build.

First is the number of features.

If you want to develop a hotel app with plenty of features it’ll be really expensive.

Not only this but the complexity of the features also has a significant impact on the hotel booking app development cost.

We’ll discuss the difference between simple and complex features in detail in the next point.

Cost Of Hotel Booking App Development Cost

Simple Hotel Booking App: A simplex app with basic features costs $10,000 – $20,000.

Medium Hotel Booking App: A medium app with some basic and medium features costs $20,000 – $30,000.

Complex Hotel Booking App: A complex app with advanced and cutting-edge features cost costs $30,000 – $50,000.

2. Number and Complexity Of Features Can Increase The Cost Of Hotel Booking App

As discussed above the number of features greatly impacts the cost of a hotel booking app.

Higher will be the number of features, the hotel app owner has to pay more to the development team.

Let’s try to understand it with the help of an example.

Imagine, 2 hotel owners contacted a hotel booking app development company with a proposal to build a hotel booking app.

But when the development team gets into the projected details both have different requirements.

The hotel owner 1, wants to build a simple app with very basic features.

The hotel owner 2 was looking to build a complex app with cutting-edge and advanced features.

Now one thing is for sure the price which will be quoted by the hotel booking app development to both of them will vary.

Still pondering how?

Don’t panic!

We’ll tell you.

Because in case 1, the development team has to put in less effort, and energy and invest less time.

Therefore, the hotel booking app development cost will be lower.

However, in case 2, due to the advanced and leading-edge features the development team has to invest a great deal of effort and time

Hence, the app 2 will be costlier than the app 1.

Not just the number of features but the complexity of features also contributes to the hotel app development cost.

Simple features like search options, reviews and feedback, and social media integration take time and energy to integrate.

On the other hand complex features consume maximum effort and time to integrate.

Simply put, for complex features you want to integrate into your app, you’ve to pay a higher price.

3. Number Of Platforms Impacts Hotel Booking App Development Cost

Whether you want to develop an app for a single platform (Android or iOS) or both platforms, the choice is completely up to you.

However, it’ll have a great impact on the hotel booking app development cost.

Tip of the day: Invest time in researching a platform to make a mobile app that has a bigger user base. With more audience, you can have more downloads – ultimately more chances of making revenue.

On the other hand, if you choose to go with the native approach for making hotel apps for both platforms.

Then in such a case, the development can be really expensive.

Because the development team has to repeat the same process multiple times for both platforms.

Hence, doubling efforts, time, and energy. 

And if you choose a single platform it tends to be more cost-effective initially because it requires fewer resources and allows developers to focus on optimizing the app for that specific platform. 

However, it may limit your potential user base since users of the other platform won’t have access to your app.

Then what is the better option?

Answer: If you’ve got a limited budget and want to build a hotel app for multiple platforms, then none of them are the best option.

The best option is cross-platform development.

This approach allows you to reach a broader audience by offering your app on both major platforms by using a single code base.

2. Security Features 

When developing an app like a hotel booking app it is indispensable for the development team to implement strong and robust security techniques and methods.

Ensuring resilient security isn’t just indispensable for keeping users’ data safe and secure but also for giving users peace of mind while exploring the application.

This creates trust and reliability between both of the parties.

While it’s paramount to keep your user’s data secure, implementing Reliable Security can cost you an arm and a leg.

To ensure that the app is tightly secured, you’ll need to implement modern-day and leading-edge tools and technologies.

Creating such impenetrable security techniques and approaches consumes hard work and effort.

5. Geographical Location of the Development Team

Another undeniable factor that affects the hotel booking app development cost is the geographical location of the development team.

Simply said, if you choose a developer or a development team from different regions the cost of the hotel booking app development will be different.

Development teams are dispersed worldwide, each with its own labor costs, market dynamics, and expertise levels.

To explain this factor and how it affects the cost of hotel booking app development we’ll take help from an example.

A hotel booking app development team from the US, UK, or Australia will cost you a lot more than a team from India, Pakistan, or any other third-world country.

However, when you hire a hotel booking app development agency, cost shouldn’t be the only factor.

You should consider factors like language barrier and many more before hiring an app development company.

How To Cut Down Hotel Booking App Development Costs?

How To Cut Down Hotel Booking App Development Costs?

Consider the points below to reduce the hotel booking app development cost.

1. Define Clear Requirements

Defining clear requirements from the outset of your hotel booking app project minimizes ambiguity and prevents costly changes during development. 

When stakeholders have a shared understanding of the app’s features and functionalities, developers can work more efficiently, resulting in reduced development time and fewer revisions. 

By avoiding scope creep and design alterations, you can maintain focus on essential features, streamline the development process, and ultimately cut down on development costs.

2. Prioritize Features 

Prioritizing features in your hotel booking app development can lead to cost savings in several ways. 

By focusing on essential features first, you can expedite the development process, get the app to market quicker, and start generating revenue sooner. 

Additionally, this approach minimizes the time and resources spent on less critical or complex features, reducing development costs. 

As you gather user feedback and gain a better understanding of user preferences, you can make informed decisions about which additional features to invest in, ensuring that your development efforts align with user needs and budget constraints.

3. Hire The Right Hotel Booking App Development Company

Hiring a professional, dedicated, and reliable hotel booking app development company is indispensable to building a successful hotel booking mobile app.

A passionate agency will be working for you and not for the money.

A professional company will make sure that the final products meet the client’s requirements.

To find a reliable fitness app development company, you can use various methods.

Some of the ways are checking out the reviews and feedback from the past, going through portfolios, and experience in the app development field.

4. Use Cross-Platform Development

Going with the native approach and building apps for both Android and iOS with the same approach can be really expensive.

If you want to reduce the hotel app development cost toy can go with the cross-platform approach and build the app for both Android and iOS with a single code base.

Simply put, the developer doesn’t have to write code multiple times saving time and effort – ultimately saving cost.