How Much Does It Cost To Create An App In 2022?

The current cost of mobile app development is more than the last year.

The ever-growing demand for apps and ultra-edge features are the two major reasons for the increase in the cost of mobile app development.

Mobile app development can be categorized into three sections.

Basic mobile app development: Basic mobile apps consist of fewer features and limited to one platform only. The cost of basic mobile app development starts from $20,000 to $40,000.

Medium mobile app development: Average mobile app development integrates adequate features that will ensure a seamless experience. The cost of medium mobile app development starts from $40,000 to $60,000.

Complex mobile app development: Complex mobile app development is the most complicated process and mostly handles by well-known software development companies. The app is comprised of advanced features and build for 2+ platforms. The starting cost of a complex mobile app is $90,000 and goes up to $200,000.

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Why Do Apps Cost So Much To Make?

Why Do Apps Cost So Much To Make?

Due to the following reasons, the cost of mobile app development has been out of the budget for several businesses. 

Multiple Screens Sizes and Operating Systems

In order to provide a native app experience to every user, companies do spend a lot which increases the cost of mobile app development.

Sky High Demand For App Developers

Simply the supply and demand method works here.

Due to the fewer developers in the market and skyrocketing demand, it creates space for developers to charge high.

More Features For Convenience

Users looking for more convenience that can only be offered by integrating extra features. 

Hence, if you avoid features in your app, users will start moving to your rivals.

The pressure from the users forces companies to spend more on development. Hence it increases the final cost of mobile app development.

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Shortage Of Skillful Developers  

Companies usually prefer dependable developers that come with experience. Such reliable and professional developers charge way more than amateurs. 

Thus companies play on the safest ground by not handing over their project to a novice. 

Hidden Cost of Mobile App Development

A hidden cost is added to the bill amount which can be dodged if discussed in the first meeting. 

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Is It Difficult To Make An App?

The answer can be both yes and no. If you’re working on a basic app design you can do it on your own. On the other hand, if you’re building a commercial or enterprise-level app, things can be very complicated.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Mobile App?

How Long Does It Take To Build A Mobile App?

On average mobile app development takes four months at minimum and can extend the duration up to a year. 

The considerable discrepancy between the development time is due to the complexity and client requirements. 

The important thing to bear in mind is that not every phase takes equal time. 

For instance, if the client has a clear and cut project proposal client can be onboard in just an hour. Reducing the initial communication time significantly

But the design and development phase will always consume several months to complete in most cases.

Client Request (Onboarding process): (One to Two weeks)

In most cases, it takes more than a week for a developer to fully understand what you need to develop. 

However, you can reduce the time significantly (3-4 days) if you can successfully communicate the project details.

Make sure not to miss any information to transfer or you’ll end up ruining the project.

Market Research: (Four to Five weeks)

The mobile app development company comes up with the best features intending the success of your app.

Giving Real-life Concepts to Your Ideas: (Four to Eight weeks)

An important stage if performed with dedication can be fetched up in 6 weeks.

Development Time and Rapid Prototyping: (Six to Nine weeks)

The phase in the entire mobile app development journey where developers will be directly involved in it. 

The time in this phase can be cut down considerably by Prototyping. The time can also be reduced if more developers are involved.

Submit App on the App Store: (One to Two weeks)

To make your app accessible to the target audience you can submit it to the Google play store, Apple app store, or both.

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How Many Hours Does It take To Develop An App?

Mobile app development consists of multiple phases. These stages take different hours to complete.

  • Initial communication: 7- 30 hours
  • Market research: 30 – 50 hours
  • Design (UI/UX, Prototype) = 80 hours
  • Development = 380 hours
  • QA = 114 (30% of development)

Total: The total hours to develop a mobile app is 250 – 300 hours.

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