How Much Does It Cost To Put An App On The App Store

Once an app is developed, you’ve done the 90% of the job.

The rest 10% is making the app accessible for the users. 

This 10% is more important than 90% of the job because if the app fails to launch properly, the earlier 90% will be down-and-out.

But before we hash over the process of publishing the app, it’s even more important to talk about the cost to put an app on the app store.

And, we’ve got good and bad news for you. 

The bad news first; you’ve got to pay to submit your application.

Finally, the good news is the amount that you’ll pay will be next to nothing.

Though you’ve spent significantly on developing an app. It will be ridiculous if you don’t spend a small amount of money where it matters the most.

In this informative blog, we’ll talk about the cost related to submitting an app. we’ll discuss the two major app stores Google play store and Apple app store.

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How Much Does It Cost An App Maker To Put An App On The Google Play Store

How Much Does It Cost An App Maker To Put An App On The Google Play Store

The word “App Maker” can be a matter of confusion. So let’s first shed light on who the app maker is.

Technically, an app maker is a programmer or developer who develops the app. Generally, they aren’t responsible to publish the app.

In this context, the app maker is the owner of the app as he’s responsible to publish the app and enjoy the benefits.

How much does it cost to publish the app on the Google play store?

To publish on the Google play store the app owner has to pay an amount which is $25. The owner is required to pay the amount for one time only. After this, he can publish as many apps as he wants for absolutely free.

How to Create Google Play Developer Account?

It’s the first and most important step to submit an app to the google play store is to set up a developer account. 

Follow the steps to put up a Google Play Developer Account without any trouble.

Step1: Visit:

Step2: Click create account

Step3: Fill in the pop-up form. Make sure to provide complete information. Once filled in the form click Next.

Step4: Go back to Google Play Developer Console.

Step5: If you agree with the Google Play Developer distribution agreement check the box.

Step6: You’ve to pay the Google play developer fee which is $25. The price is the total google apps store free. That means you don’t have to pay any more fees after paying it.

Step7: Enter your payment information, click Accept and continue.

Can You Use Google Play on iPhone?

Unfortunately, you can’t get the entire google play store for iOS devices. Because Google play only supports Android devices. iPhone users have a separate store known as the Apple app store.

But we’ve got good news for you.

You can use a few google play apps on your iPhone that you can consider watching movies and TV shows, music, and books. However, before you install google supported apps to your iPhone it needs to be verified and purchased using an android device.

What Google Play Apps Can Be Used on iPhone?

Following are the Google-supported apps that can be easily accessed through iOS devices.

  • Gmail
  • Google
  • Google Maps
  • Chrome
  • Google Photos
  • Duo
  • Google Calendar
  • Google News

How Much Does It Cost To Put An App On The Apple App Store?

To make your app accessible for iOS users, it cost $99 annually to put an app on the iOS app store. The cost is relatively higher than the Google play store.

Why Apple Store’s Fee too High?

Apple developer program charges four times more than the android developer fee. To submit your app to the Apple store you are required to pay $99 which way is too much when compared to the $25 that Google play store charges. 

According to a report “ iOS users spend double in terms of subscriptions and in-app purchases than the android users”. 

In 2021, iOS Users spend $13.5 billion on subscriptions and in-app purchases which is three times more than Google Play subscriptions which stand at $4.8 billion.

When you publish your app on the Apple app store, you’ve access to users with high purchasing power and standard of living. That also means you can generate more revenue when publishing the same app on the Google play store.

How to Avoid Apple App Store Transaction Fees?

Apple developer program cost was already out of the budget for many app owners. There is one more fee that you’ve to pay annually.

Apple will also be charging you 30% for all in-app purchases

Though Apple has reduced it to 15%. Still, no one likes to pay a handsome percentage of money for almost doing nothing.

Meantime, you might be wondering if is there any way to fend off a hefty fee.

Yes! we have a good example of Netflix. 

They implement a way that helps them to steer clear of Apple App Store Transaction Fees by not offering offer subscription services through the app.

Once you download the Netflix app, it will redirect you to a Netflix website. Users are required to sign up and pay for the service through the site, instead of using the app for the same purpose.

However, this technique is not always meant to be effective and successful. If it would everyone will be following this same way to dodge transaction fees.

This method contradicts the Apple store guidelines which can result in the permanent removal of the app from the app store.

On top of everything, this technique can be beneficial for you, but not for your users. 

The users are required to jump from app to website, which is an additional step resulting in disappointment among users that can be a reason for low sales.

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8-Step Process To Publish Your App On Google Play Store

8-Step Process To Publish Your App On Google Play Store

The process to submit your app is very simple, if you’ve done it before.

But if it’s your first time, the process can be a little tricky.

Underneath, we’ve mentioned 8 step process which will simplify the complicated process.

Make sure not to miss any step during the process and follow each in the exact chronological order for trouble-free uploading.

Set up Google Play Developer Console

Google Play Developer Console works as a dashboard or controlling backend. it is integrated with all the features that will be useful during the app submitting process.

To get access you are required to pay an android developer account cost fee which is $25. 

This is a one-time payment and after this, you’ll have a free hand to submit apps to Google Play Store for free.

Link the existing Developer Account with Google Wallet Merchant Account

If your app supports in-app purchases then you’re required to set up a Google Wallet merchant account.

  1. Follow the steps below to set up a merchant account
  2. sign in to your Google Play Console account
  3. Click “ Reports” and a new box of options will appear.
  4. Tap on the “ Financial reports” option.
  5. Then you’ll redirect to a new page where you can set up a merchant account by providing information.

Create Application

To create apps with ease, first, you need to be logged in to the developer account permanently.

In case you’re logged out, make sure to log in.

Follow the process step by step to submit the app to the google play store.

  1. Click the ‘All applications’ tab from the menu
  2. On the top right corner, you can see “Create Application” – click it.
  3. Select the default language and mention the Application name.
  4. And select “Create app”.

App Store Listing – The ranking matters

You‘ve finally reached the phase where you need to put in some real effort.

Simply, you’re required to fill in the form with the correct information. For better results, you’re required to invest some time especially, when you’re writing an app description. 

Make sure to find the correct keywords to increase the chances of your app showing up in searches.

Upload App Bundles or APK To Google Play

This step is very necessary and needs some technical understanding. 

All you’ve to do is use files such as an App bundle or APK and signed app release and upload them into your application. 

A bit confused? Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Search for the ‘App Release’ tab in the menu.
  2. Here you’ve to pick anyone from the release type from four

Don’t underestimate the power of content rating

Content rating is considered to be necessary but most app developers consider it to be undervalued which results in low ranking in app listing.

Follow the steps for app rating.

  1. Go to the Menu and from the left side of the screen select “Content rating”.
  2. Read the terms and conditions and click “Continue”.
  3. Then you’ll be asked to provide your email address and select “confirm”.
  4. Then you’re required to fill up the questionnaire and “save questionnaire”.
  5. To see app rating you can use “calculate rating”.
  6. Click the “Apply” option to save your app content rating.

Target the right audience with a good price

Select the app region or country where you wish your app should be released. Make sure you’ve done the work in the past to verify the target audience.

Secondly, mention the app price. Once you’ve assigned the price it can increase and decrease in the future. 

But once you’ve made your app free to download it can’t be changed into paid.

Follow the steps to fix the price and location.

  1. Go to the Menu and select Pricing and Distribution.
  2. Set the price of your app. If you want it to be free to install click “Free”.
  3. Select the countries you want your app to be used. Make sure you’ve selected the right audience.

Hit the publish button

You’re just one step behind officially publishing your app on the Google play store. 

To add the application follow the steps below.

  1. Go back to the app release and select “manage production”. Here you’ll find an option “Edit Release’ click on it.
  2. The next step is to tap on “review” and then choose the “‘Start rollout to production option.
  3. To end the process click “Confirm”.

How Much Does It Cost To Put An App On The Android Store?

How Much Does It Cost To Put An App On The Android Store?

In this section, we’ve discussed everything related to the android store cost. 

Android store commonly known as Google play store, allows app developers to launch the app for android device users.

But remember the service they offer isn’t for free. 

So before publishing the app, go through the information below to learn more about the cost.

How Much Android Developer License Cost?

To publish your Android apps on the Google play store, you need an android developer license which cost $25. To become an android developer license holder you must be 18. 

$25 is the fee that you’ll pay other than the cost of developing an android app. So make sure to include this cost when budgeting for mobile app development.

How Much Does Google Play Store Charge For Their Service?

Once you’ve published the app on the google play store, you don’t have to pay any developer fee or any other charges further.

But, Google will charge 15% on earnings of 1 million dollars for the first year when you sell digital goods or services. 

Before, July 2021, Google charged 30%, but to support developers and enhance success rate they cut down the percentage by 15% for the first year only.

Which Apps Come Under Google Play Service Fee Plan?

Apps that come under google service fees are only the 3% of apps that charge their users. That means if you are charging users to download the app or offering any digital goods (in-app purchase) you’ll be subject to a service fee. 

For What Service Does Google Play Store Charge a Fee?

Google play store charge for the service they provide you by hosting your app. 

As an app owner, you must have paid the app development company for the service (coding, UI/Ux design, debugging, and maintenance). 

Similarly, the Google play store offers you services including (app distribution and discovery, the commerce platform, developer tools, analytics, training, and more).

Some of the well-known app stores (Microsoft, Apple, Nintendo, Amazon, and others) follow the same business format and earn profit.