How Much Does It Cost To Redesign A Website On Wix?

Wix is among the widely used and popular website builders.

Wix is becoming popular every day because it allows nontechnical individuals and programmers to build a high-quality website without writing a single code.

Did you know Wix powers a whopping 10.8 million websites globally – making it the most extensively used website builder in the market?

The one question that every future website owner wants to know is how much it cost to design or redesign a website on Wix.

Well regrettably, without knowing what kind and type of website you know it’s impossible for any Wix website designer to tell you the exact cost.

In short, there’s no simple and concise answer to the question.

However, most of the Wix website designer gives you a cost range in which you’ll have your website.

The cost of a Wix Website Design and Development starts from as low as $500 and can go as high as $6000.

The cost can be more than this if you want a complex website with advanced features.

Similarly, if you want to redesign a website it’ll cost you 20%-50% of the development budget.

But, if you want to redesign a website from the ground up it can cost you more than this

To understand the cost of website design in-depth go through the factors jotted down below.

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Factors Affecting The Cost To Redesign A Website On Wix

Factors can have a direct influence on the cost of Wix website redesign.

That means if the factors aren’t consider before the time of website redesign it can increase the development budget.

1. Scope of Redesign 

The level of redesign plays a key role in determining the cost of website redesign cost on Wix.

For example, if you want a simple redesign with some basic changes and updates it’ll cost you relatively less than a website redesign in which you’re looking for a complete redesign from scratch.

Redesigning a website from the ground up consumes more time and effort which increases the website redesign bill.

2. Customization and Features 

Major customization and integration of advanced features can have a direct influence on website development.

Significant customization is a Lengthy-drawn process that consumes lots of energy – therefore it cost so much.

On the other hand, the complexity of these features can influence the overall cost of the redesign.

3. Graphic Design and Branding

A website redesign feels complete with making changes to the visual elements and branding of your website.

Updating visual elements includes involving creating new graphics, logos, or branding assets.

The high level of Graphic Design requires diligent work which rises the development budget.

4. E-commerce Functionality 

Making an e-commerce website on Wix is considered a complex website development that costs a handsome budget.

There’re two major reasons why e-commerce development is considered a high-level design.

First, e-commerce websites have countless pages.

Secondly, the features like  Setting up product pages, shopping carts, payment gateways, and inventory management systems require additional development and configuration.

Simply put, designing an e-commerce website is an expensive job.

5. Responsive Design

It’s time to realize that more people visit your website from a mobile device than a desktop.

If your website isn’t mobile-optimized you can’t make a significant impact.

Implementing responsive dwebesign elements or creating a separate mobile version of your website can influence the cost.

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How Much Should I Charge To Build a Wix Website As a Beginner?

As a beginner, you should $10-$20 per hour for building a simple Wix website. You can charge more for a complex website.

Is Building a Website on Wix Free?

Yes, you can build a website for free on Wix but with limited options. 

Can I Redesign My Wix Website After Publishing?

Yes, you can easily make changes and redesign your website after publishing it. 

How Customized Is The Wix Website?

With the premium plan, you can make changes to a greater extent. By customizing your Wix website you can give a new and unique look.  

Is Wix a Good Website Designer?

Wix is an excellent and popular website builder. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, anyone can build a high-quality website.