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Want to sell more properties and earn more revenue than ever? The only way is to invest in real estate app development.

This modern-day solution has helped plenty of real estate companies to reach out to more prospects, and sell more properties - ultimately doubling their revenue while cutting down on business processing costs.

Quanrio is a dedicated Real Estate App Development Company with highly qualified real estate app developers who can make your dream come true!!!

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Real Estate App Development Company

Why Does Your Real Estate Business Need a Real Estate App?

Phenomenal Market Upswing

The real estate app market is growing with an overwhelming CAGR of 10.2%.

People Prefer Real Estate Apps

Out of 80% of the interested buyers for properties in the US, 70% now prefer to look for good real estate agents on mobile apps.

Generate Higher Income

Real estate businesses that invest in real estate apps earn twice as much as companies that don't.

Customers Love Downloading Real Estate Apps

Real estate and property apps are one of the most downloaded app categories.

High Market Valuation

The real estate app market will be valued at $14.61 billion in 2026.

Types Of Real Estate Solutions You Can Create

Property Listing Apps

We can help you create an app where real estate agents, brokers, and property owners can list and showcase properties for sale or rent.

Property Management Apps

Our professional real estate app development service offers a robust solution where real estate agents can manage all their work.

Real Estate Marketplace

Quanrio can build a real estate marketplace where buyers can see the properties can get in touch with the property owners and agents.

Real Estate Investment Apps

Our Real Estate Investment solution allows investors to invest in different properties directly from their mobile devices.

Real Estate CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) apps are specifically tailored for real estate professionals, helping them manage leads and clients.

How Real Estate App Development Services Can Boost Your Real Estate Business?

Expand Your Reach to The Global Market

By building a high-end real estate mobile app, you’ll digitalize your business which will lead to a wider market enabling you to connect with more prospects.

Prompt Notifications and Real-time Updates

A real estate mobile app can inform customers instantly about new property listings, price changes, and relevant market updates.

Decrease Operational Cost

Having a mobile app development for real estate can cut down costs by hiring less staff, less paperwork, reducing travel, and using fewer resources.

Better Customer Engagement

With the help of a real estate app, you can establish direct and strong communication with your customers without any stumbling blockage.

Lead Generation and Management

Real estate apps can get your hands on personnel information and property preferences that you can further utilize to run marketing and promotion campaigns.

Branding and Recognition

A well-branded real estate app reinforces your company's identity and strengthens brand recognition, establishing you as a reliable and reputable real estate service provider.

Virtual Property Tours

By integrating virtual property tours potential customers can view the property in real time which can be helpful to make a decision.

Competitive Advantage

By creating a cutting-edge real estate mobile app, you’ll have a direct upper hand over the real estate companies that don't use technology.

Necessary Features To Create A Groundbreaking Real Estate Mobile App

Real Estate App Development Proce

Research Vector | Banking app Development Company

Step #1 Initial Communication (Planning, Discussion, and Research)

Research and planning is the first phase when Quanrio is assigned the task to create a real estate app. We believe that the success of the mobile app is hidden in the research phase. As more in-depth and comprehensive the research will be more robust the final solution will be. Therefore, before we start the app development we conduct target audience and market research.

Web Designing Vector |Banking App Development company

Step #2 UI/UX Designing

After completing the research phase we start things off by creating prototypes and wireframes. Our creative designers working with Quanrio go out of the box to bring the best designs and graphics to the table. The designer's job at Quanrio involves various tasks and responsibilities; UI/UX Design, Visual Design, Usability Testing, Icon and Logo Design, Animation and Interactivity, and many more.

CSS HTML C++| Banking App Development Company

Stage#3: Development

From here the real estate app developers and programmers start building the app with the help of tech stack. The real estate app developers working in Quanrio are skilled in various programming languages and frameworks. Mobile app developers perform the following task while working on your app development project; App Architecture and Design, Coding and Development, Cross-Platform Development, Performance Optimization, Security Implementation, integrating features and etc.

Quality Assurance

Step#4 Quality Assurance

Once the app is developed we run a rigorous quality assurance test that detects and remove all the errors and bugs that can create problems. We carry out testing very strictly so the app is deployed without issues. Here are some of the key tasks and responsibilities of a QA Specialist working in Quanrio; test planning, test case design, manual testing, automated testing, performance testing, compatibility testing, and many more.

Work Completed Vector

Stage#5: Deployment

Once we’re confident that the app is free of every error and bug we launch it according to the guidelines provided by the client.

Tech Stack

Why Choose Quanrio as Your Real Estate App Development Company?

Professional Real Estate App Developers

User-Centric Design

Affordable Pricing

Complete Transparency

Customized Solutions

Continuous Support

Direct Contact With Your Team

Use of Cutting-Edge Technologies

On-Time Delivery

Client Satisfaction

Premium Quality Assurance

Improved Business Efficiency


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Packr Mobile App

Event Buddy App Development

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Real estate software is a technology such as applications designed to help professionals streamline their business processes. 

No real estate app development company can give the answer to this question without understanding your needs. It is because the cost of real estate app development depends on several factors like the complexity of the app, the number and difficulty of the features, and creativity of the app interface, etc. To get a price for your app you can share your app idea with us.

The time to build a real estate mobile app depends on the complexity of the app. If the app is large and complex to create it’ll take more time to build. A simple real estate mobile app with basic features can be built within 2-3 months. Discuss your app idea with Quanrio to get an estimated time.

In the real estate industry, mobile apps are the most sought-after technology. More or less every real estate company wants to make a real estate mobile app.  

A best-ever mobile app should have the following features; 1). Register/Login  2). 3D Property View  3). Search Property  4). Advance Chat options  5). Payment integration 6). Property suggestion  7). Broker/agent ratings   8). Scheduling meetings  9). Currency converter  10). Calendar.

Real estate agencies can benefit from personnel mobile apps like no other. Not only does a real estate app help a real estate business get more customers but cuts down the business processing cost.

Real estate software can help realtors improve their efficiency and client management.

Yes, real estate software can facilitate marketing and advertising by providing templates, social media integrations, and advertising tools to help realtors develop and distribute marketing materials for their listings.

Real estate software development is creating and implementing software solutions customized to the specific needs of the real estate sector. It includes a huge range of features 

  • Property Management Software
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
  • Listing Management Software
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Software
  • Real Estate Investment Analysis Software
  • Real Estate Valuation Software
  • Document Management Software
  • Real Estate Accounting Software

We ensure the security of real estate software by implementing measures like encryption, authentication, and authorization, updating the software with the latest security patches, etc. Moreover, handling vulnerability checks, security audits, and monitoring compliance relevancy are some more important practices that protect real estate software from any threats, security breaches, and data loss.

Yes, we provide post-deployment support and maintenance. At Quanrio, our priority is clients’ satisfaction so we try to provide full software development support to our clients. We ensure to provide our clients with the needed technical assistance after the software launch.

There are several reasons to consider outsourcing real estate software development. Building custom software will become easier, it helps you gain efficiency, reduce cost, and get the advantage of top real estate developers’ expertise.

You can integrate many different features into your custom real estate software solutions including:

  • Property listings management tools
  • MLS integration
  • Advanced search and filters
  • Marketing tools
  • Financial and accounting integration
  • Document management systems
  • Virtual tours and 3D modeling tools
  • Mobile accessibility capabilities
  • Interactive maps and geolocation services
  • Security features
  • User dashboards

Trends that are shaping the real estate industry include:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality
  • Blockchain technology
  • Big data and analytics
  • IoT technology

Software solutions available for the real estate industry include:

  • Real estate and property website development solutions
  • Real estate and property online marketplaces solutions
  • Real estate and property management software solutions
  • CRM software solutions
  • ERP software solutions
  • Property crowdfunding solutions
  • Property web & mobile applications solutions

Various tools are used in real estate software development such as:

  • Software programming languages such as Java and Python
  • Ruby frameworks software technology Django, Ruby on Rails, and React
  • Databases for software like MySQL tools, APIs, automation, and cloud platforms like AWS and Google Cloud integration tools.

The choice of technology, data, and cloud solutions for real estate software and property management solutions depends on the specific needs of the business and applications need to be created in a specific time frame.

Yes, we do have experience creating custom software solutions. We have been working in this field for about 6 years.

Yes, many real estate companies offer mobile apps that help realtors access essential tools and information that enhance their flexibility and productivity.

Quanrio is a professional real estate software company with years of experience. We have a team of expert and skilled developers who make sure to provide our clients with real estate software development solutions that align with their business needs and requirements.

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