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Want to build a mobile app for your restaurant to unleash the potential of technologies?

Our dedicated restaurant app development services can help you build a leading-edge mobile app that not only increases the number of orders but also automates several tasks that reduce operational costs.

The apps that we built are integrated with modern-day features and strengthened by innovations, making us the most reliable restaurant app development company in the world.

Do you know mobile apps have the potential to take your restaurant to a whole new level?

So what are you waiting for?

We can’t wait to see your restaurant thriving.

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Restaurant App Development Company

Reasons Your Restaurant Business Should invest in Restaurant App Development Services?

70% of People Use Restaurant Mobile Apps

More than 70% of people prefer to place an order through a restaurant mobile app.

Enjoyable Experience

61% of customers disclose that using a restaurant delivery app is easy and enjoyable.

High Valuation

Full-service restaurant mobile app market is valued at over 11.2 billion dollars in the USA.

Skyrocketing Growth

The restaurant app market will grow at a Compound Annual Growth rate (CAGR) of 11.4%.

Increasing Number of Downloads

The biggest increase in the number of restaurant delivery app downloads was seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We Provide Restaurant App Development Services To The Following Businesses

Restaurants and Cafés

Fast Food Outlets

Chain Restaurants

Food Delivery Services

Catering Businesses

Bar and Pubs

Coffee Shops and Tea Houses

Bakeries and Dessert Shops

We’re Proficient In Building Various Restaurant App Development Solutions Helping Restaurants To Serve Eateries Like Never Before.

Restaurant Finder App Development

We help you to create a restaurant finder app that helps foodies find a suitable place to eat according to their tastes, choices, and many more.

Restaurant Discounts App Development

The restaurant discounts app enables customers to find exclusive coupons and promos on several restaurants in one place. Such apps motivate customers to order more at a reasonable price.

Restaurant Management App Development

Restaurant Management Apps are built exclusively for Restaurant owners and manage so they can manage and monitor operations, track inventory, manage staff schedules, and analyze sales data.

Food Delivery App Development

Make an app for your restaurant to allow your customers to order directly. These apps focus on delivering food from the restaurant to customers' locations.

Restaurant Review App Development

Restaurant Review Apps are really helpful for potential customers to check the restaurant's ambiance, taste, and services by going through comments and feedback from previous customers.

Restaurant Payment App Development

Such mobile apps allow customers to pay directly from their mobile devices without any interaction with the waiters. Payment and Mobile Wallet Apps are integrated with various payment gateways and mobile wallets.

Food Ordering App Development

You can build a mobile app that allows customers to order the meal directly from their mobile phones browse the menu, choose the dishes and pay online.

Table Reservation App Development

Table reservation apps are one of the most popular apps in recent times. Such apps help customers to book a table directly from their mobile devices avoiding long queues.

Our Restaurant Mobile App Developers Are Professional In Integrating Cutting-Edge Features To Make Mobile Apps Feature-Rich.

Development Process Quanrio Follows When Building a Restaurant App

Step #1: Initial Communication (Planning, Discussion, and Research)

We start things off with proper planning and research. Quanrio believes that planning and research are the backbone of app development. The more comprehensive the research will be the better the application will be. Just after our first meeting when the project is finalized, we kick off working on the project. We conduct market research, target audience research, and competitor research to design a roadmap to implement it.

Step #2: UI/UX Designing

To make the app interface attractive and visually appealing we dedicate creative UI/UX designers. Their designers are responsible to the app easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing so users have no problem while using the app.

Stage#3: Development

Once the designers are done with their job it's time for the restaurant app developers to build the application with a suitable technology stack. The app developers are assigned to build the front end and back end of the app.

Step#4: Quality Assurance

Once the app is developed it goes through rigorous quality assurance testing which makes sure that the app is free of any error or bug. Quanrio Quality Assurance is one of its kind and a more comprehensive phase than any other app development company.

Stage#5: Launching and Deployment

Once all the errors and bugs are removed we then launch the app and make it accessible for users to download. We carry out the launching phase according to the instructions we receive from the client.

Tech Stack

Why choose Quanrio as a Restaurant App Development Company?

Experienced Restaurant Mobile App Developers

User-Centric Design

Affordable Pricing

Support and Maintenance

Customized Solutions

Continuous Support

Direct Contact With Your Team

Use of Cutting-Edge Technologies

On-Time Delivery

Client Satisfaction

Premium Quality Assurance

Compliance and Security


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Yes, it’s necessary to have your own restaurant mobile app even if you’ve got a less budget to spend. A restaurant mobile app comes with several benefits such as enhanced customer experience, increased customer loyalty, direct marketing channels, richer customer data, and many more.

The cost to build a restaurant mobile app depends on plenty of factors like the number and complication of features, the complexity of the apps, and the number of platforms it supports. Simply put, if you want to build a simple restaurant mobile app it can be built in couple thousands of dollars. On the other hand, building a complex mobile app can cost up to $50,000. To check the cost estimation for your project you can share the project details.

The time to develop an app for a restaurant may vary from project to project. If you want to build a simple mobile app with basic features it’ll take less time to build. On the other hand, a complex application can take several months to be built. If you want to check how much time it’ll be to build your app you can share your app idea with us.

Whether you own a small start-up restaurant or a large food chain restaurant building a mobile app has become necessary. We know that small restaurants have less budget to spend. Therefore, they can’t build a complex mobile app. The best option they have is to build a simple mobile app which costs a few hundred dollars. And increase the app’s features from time to time.

Hiring the right restaurant app development company can be a very complex job. As there are plenty of restaurant app development companies in the market. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming for the client to choose the right app development company. The easiest way to choose the right restaurant mobile app development company for your project is to go through their portfolio. And if you find something that matches your project, you can go with that company.