Netflix Unleashing AI Potential: Pays AI Expert An Incredible $900k Salaries

Netflix posted a job listing for an AI Product Manager. Payout? Somewhere between $300,000 — $900,000


Yes, and that’s pretty much the reaction of everybody who is hearing it.

Now to put things in perspective a little bit, Real median household income was $70,784 in 2021

So $70,784 is annual

And Netflix is paying $300,000 annually, at the very least

That’s 229,216 of difference right there

Do you know what that number tells us? It simply tells us that we need to go in depth to even understand what’s going on here.

AI In Hollywood: Filmmakers See Profit Where SAG-AFTRA Sees Shameless Exploitation

Talking about Netflix… Guess which department takes the biggest bite from the investment cake?

Content production.

That includes script writing, filmmaking, onboarding actors… you know, the usual stuff.

But guess what AI’s generative capabilities are GOOD at doing?

  1. Writing scripts.
  2. Using Deepfakes to EXACTLY REPLICATE Tom Cruise, let’s say.

And that’s why WRITERS & ACTORS are annoyed to the bone.

Using these capabilities — they fear, as AI has already demonstrated — that it will be used to perform their jobs.

So for instance, a production company uses Tom Cruise’s deepfake. Now, will Tom Cruise get paid? You bet your savings he will. But the question is, will he get paid enough?

Because the production company would say that Tom didn’t go through the manual labor of putting his body on the line or memorizing the script. So he won’t be paid as much.

On the other hand, Tom would say that the movie would make immense profits because people want to see Tom Cruise. And why so? Because of his reputation and the public demand that comes along with it.

Now from the filmmaker’s perspective, the benefit of using AI is that it’ll cut down the production cost in the next few years significantly – helping filmmakers and producers earn more while having to pay actors and writers less.

There’s only one problem — and that’s that SAG-AFTRA isn’t gonna let that happen

Not under their watch…

Netflix’s Alibi On Using AI: “Just For Internal Use & Improving Algos” — Really?

Netflix’s Alibi On Using AI: “Just For Internal Use & Improving Algos” — Really?

In the world of streaming entertainment, Netflix is using a combination of magic and technology together. Imagine the thumbnails and trailers you see are generated by AI. It shows you things according to your behavior and preferences. Hold on…. How can technology understand what we like?

AI sees what you have watched earlier and then suggests similar content. It behaves just like a close friend that knows your likes and dislikes and gives good suggestions. Not just this but AI is also trying to predict the future success of movies behaving just like a palmist. 

Netflix itself says that AI and ML are helping them with new ideas and innovations in every part of their business. It also helps them to buy and create content.

The listing shows off by saying “You will be creating product experiences that have never been done before” But wait…. Does AI have the same spark of imagination human creators have?

And guess what? Netflix thinks that AI will also help them with the payment process and will make the money part work smoothly. 

So as we explore this combination of entertainment and technology, Let’s think about AI technology and human creativity. Can AI truly replace the magic of human creativity? Are they just our friends helping us through the process to make it better, or are they taking over our positions?  

Let’s wonder: Are we still the captains of our entertainment ship, or are we becoming passengers on a pre-planned route?

The Rise of AI Expertise: Netflix’s Search for Talent

The Rise of AI Expertise: Netflix's Search for Talent

In the world of entertainment, we are witnessing a remarkable union of human creativity and the magic of Artificial Intelligence. Looking at the Netflix story, we can now reflect on the unstoppable increase in the usage of AI. It is just like weaving threads of technology into the very fabric of creativity.

So just imagine that the streaming giant Netflix, is now just not about movies and shows rather it is on the hunt for people having expertise in AI. 


Because AI has powers beyond our imaginations simply Netflix wants to take the most out of its powers. Well, this is not the only reason as a more practical reason is that AI can save money in content creation. This makes clear why Netflix has opened job postings requiring command on AI.

So, what kind of jobs have Netflix posted? Let’s look at the popular AI-based Product Manager for which Netflix is ready to pay between $300,000 to $900,000 per year. This person’s job is like being the captain of a ship that sails through AI waters. The role says that he will get to use AI in all the areas of a Netflix business from content creation to personalization. — SOURCE?

Now let’s have a look at what Netflix says

Netflix also stated in favor of the job opening for a product manager:

“We are creating a new product management role to increase the leverage of our Machine Learning Platform,” Netflix said in the job posting. — SOURCE?

However, the Product manager’s position is not the only one that Netflix has opened so far and there are five other roles with expertise in machine learning.

There are a few more AI-focused roles posted by Netflix

“This is pure market economics,” said head of executive recruiting firm Leathwaite, ” Paul J. Groce, “We do not magically have thousands of additional AI developers, product managers, and everything else.”

Also, Christopher Nolan, writer and director of films including “Oppenheimer” and “The Dark Knight,” has also said AI has “terrifying possibilities” in entertainment.

Netflix is also looking for a technical director for AI/ machine learning for their game studio to make new types of games that would not possible without the advancement of AI/ML techniques.

That position pays $450,000 to $650,000 annually

Although, the gaming department of the company has already used AI to generate dialogues and narratives.

There is one more job opening from Netflix for a senior software engineer to “develop a product that makes it easy to build, manage, and scale real-life machine learning applications”

This job is posted for income between $100,000 and $700,000 per year

Also, Netflix is on the hunt for a machine learning scientist to “develop algorithms that power high-quality localization,” with a total pay between $150,000 and $750,000

One of the job listings for Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence says: “With more than 230 million members in over 190 countries, Netflix continues to shape the future of entertainment around the world”

An analysis from indeed presented by the Wall Street Journal, that job listings related to generative Artificial Intelligence have grown 300% so far this year

Analyzing the Controversy: Netflix Under Fire for AI-Exclusive Job Listings

In the present era of streaming entertainment, controversy has begun pushing attention to Netflix and AI-focused job openings. Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Screen Actors Guild & American Federation of Television & Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) take center stage against Netflix.  

Netflix Jobs listings brought a storm of anger among creatives. This has arisen from a comparison in pay that points out that on average, members of SAG earn less than $30,000 annually from acting.

They are concerned about being underpaid however the company is generating the same profit

Although, Netflix refused to comment on the job listings earlier  said that AI will not stop the creative process

Netflix also said: “The best stories are original, insightful and often come from people’s own experiences”

The job postings are further criticized by some striking actors as they say that the money Netflix is investing in AI can be used to provide health insurance benefits to the employees

Netflix job listings have increased insecurity among writers and actors developing a clash between two parties.