These features must be in your taxi app in 2024.

The present digitalized world calls for convenience in every sector of life there has been a constant demand for a convenient and efficient transportation solution. 

This demand has given rise to online taxi booking applications that have transformed the way people commute these days.

As an entrepreneur stepping into the realm of online taxi booking app development, it’s important to understand the key features that contribute to the success and user adoption of these platforms.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the essential features that make a taxi booking app not only functional but also user-friendly and essential for modern commuters.

Whether you are thinking of creating a new game-changer in the ride-hailing industry or trying to make an existing platform better, these must-have features will be your guide in figuring out the competitive world of online taxi services.

Basic Features For Building A Complete Taxi Booking App

Basic Features For Building A Complete Taxi Booking App

1. Seamless Registration Process

Give your riders an option for seamless registration to keep them hassle-free.

So make it simple to make riders feel good about your app.

The long sign-up process may make them annoyed and abandon it at the last stage.

So, gather only necessary information such as name, mobile number, email address, and password.

2. Categories of Vehicles

An online taxi booking app development must also include different vehicle options for users so that they can choose their vehicle according to their needs.

Also, mention the fare charges of each vehicle so that riders can choose the most affordable option.

3. Live Tracking

The live tracking option allows passengers to trace the exact location of the cab that they have booked as well as the live status of the journey.

This will improve the overall experience of the passenger and also allow them to check their drop time.

4. In-App Chat

In-app chat is also essential in online taxi booking app development as it allows both riders and passengers to communicate with each other.

This option provides the feasibility of communicating about any location changes or delays.

5. In-App Wallet

Providing the feature of an In-app wallet makes it easier for passengers to pay the fare of their ride quickly.

Also, it helps riders to place any remaining amount of passengers in their wallet if in case they do not have cash.

6. Trip History

Trip history can enable the passengers to see their overall trip history including the total rides they have taken and the total amount paid.

7. Emergency Contact

Do not forget to include the emergency contact option during online taxi booking app development.

Passengers can share their ride status with them in case of any emergency for safety purposes as well.

8. SOS Assistance

Through the SOS assistance option, the passengers can send their ride details to the police for any emergency.

This is a very useful feature as it also builds confidence in people and gives them a sense of security.

9. Scheduling Ride

Scheduling Ride feature in online taxi booking app development allows passengers to schedule their rides for a particular time and date.

This feature is perfect for people who book rides on a daily basis from home to workplace or workplace to home etc.

Also, if you have a flight tomorrow then you can schedule the ride for a specific time so that you will not miss your important flight.

10. Reviews and Ratings

Your online taxi booking app development process must include the reviews and ratings section so that passengers can rate their ride experience and leave reviews about the ride or rider.

This option will help you to improve your service based on users’ feedback and ratings.

Advanced Features To Incorporate In Online Taxi App

Advanced Features To Incorporate In Online Taxi Booking App Development

We all know that online taxi booking app development is a highly competitive market as there is much competition in this domain.

To stay ahead in the taxi booking mobile app development game, you must do something extraordinary like adding some unique features to your online taxi booking app development process.

Let’s have a look at some advanced features that you can opt for in your taxi booking app.

1. Driver/ User Authorization

This feature allows users to get permission to use the app for driving.

It gives them permission to accept ride requests and connect with the mobile Application.

2. Auto-Dispatch Software 

This feature is best for drivers as they can manage all their bookings within just one application. 

It will help them to keep track of all their bookings and save them from the hassle of going back and forth.

It also gives them instructions that where they need to go for each booking.

3. Driver Queue Algorithm

This feature can help assist taxi service owners in knowing the number of drivers and taxis available in one place and this information can be sent out as options to a user who is looking to book a cab.

This taxi app development solution is a short process and it can intimidate the users about the taxis near them.

4. Surge Pricing

Sometimes there aren’t enough taxis because a lot of people are looking for them, the taxi owners can increase the prices and make more money on those days. 

5. Zone Pricing

There may be different rules, laws, timings, and restrictions in different parts of a city so the prices of these zones may be different.

Including this feature in your taxi app development helps taxi owners earn money based on these variations.

6. Heat Map View

This feature can help the app owners to know about the cars providing services to the users during the busiest time of the day.

This will help you to allot the drivers accordingly.

7. Phone Number Masking

This feature is great for people who do not want to reveal their phone numbers to drivers or anyone else.

8. Loyal Programs

Think about giving your drivers and passengers some perks by offering them loyalty programs like coupons, discounts, offers, etc.

This may help you attract more users and make your users use your app more often.

9. Real-time Analytics

This will help you know the number of taxis available and the zonal positions of those taxis.

It will also let you know how well your app is performing and how many people are using it at a specific time.

10. Multi-lingual Support

This is one of the best features that you can include in your on-demand taxi booking app development.

It will allow users from other countries to book taxis without any hassle of language barrier. This is a perfect one for tourists.

11. Automate Driver Payment

Integration of this feature helps users to link their bank accounts or app wallets directly to the app and let all deductions take place directly from their digital accounts.

It will save them time and they do not have to carry cash with them.

12. Multiple Payment Options

You can also include multiple payment options in your app so that your users can easily pay from multiple methods such as through cards, online banking, and mobile wallets to make their experience very handy and feasible.

13. Push Notifications

Push notifications will notify the users whenever they make a booking and will be informed immediately once the cab arrives at their place.

It will also inform users whenever there will be any new offers and discounts on the app.

14. Smart Watch Access

As smartwatches are everywhere and people nowadays are obsessed with them, it is possible for people to book their cab with them. 

People can conveniently use these apps from their smartwatches and also make bookings and payments from the same.

Integrating advanced features in your taxi booking app might be difficult.

But not for us!

We’re a professional taxi booking app development company holding vast experience in building taxi apps to make life easier.


How much does it cost to build a basic taxi app?

The cost of a basic taxi app depends on a number of factors such as features you want to include, the number of platforms you want to support, and the development team you want to work with. Where on a rough average it might cost you somewhere from $10,000 to $ 50,000.

What are the top 5 features of a taxi booking app?

The five basic features that a taxi booking app must have are a user-friendly interface, Real-time tracking, Payment options, driver ratings, and personalization.

What do I need to know before starting to develop a taxi booking app?

There are a few things you must consider before starting to develop a taxi booking app such as researching the market, choosing a platform, designing UI, integrating payment gateway, Implementing mapping and GPS functionality, implementing security measures, ensuring compliance with regulations, developing a marketing strategy, test your app and partner with taxi companies.

How much does it cost to build an app like Uber?

The cost of building an app like Uber can vary, ranging from $100,000 to $1 million or more. It depends on factors such as features, complexity, and development team rates. 

Key considerations include app design, user features, GPS integration, payment systems, and platform compatibility. It’s crucial to thoroughly plan and assess your specific requirements to get an accurate estimate.