Bakeree NFT Development Platform Case Study

Client Background

As a blockchain development company, we created a platform called Bakeree, dedicated to creating, storing, and minting Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in various ways. 

It serves as a comprehensive NFT development platform where users can easily generate Free NFT Art, securely store their NFTs using IPFS storage solutions, and automate smart contracts for their transactions. 

Additionally, the platform offers minting page options to further enhance the user experience.

The owner of the platform wants to build a platform where individuals can create, store, and mint NFTs.

Simply put, we helped them create a platform integrated with features like smart contracts development and IPFS storage solutions that make the experience more enjoyable and enhance the value of NFTs.

We built a complete NFT development platform that allows people to generate free NFT art, secure IPFS  storage, automatic smart contracts, and minting page options in an efficient and user-friendly manner.



While working on the development of this platform, our team encountered multiple issues and challenges. Some of the challenges took us weeks to resolve, but somehow, we managed to fix these issues with their expertise and skills. 

Developing secure and reliable smart contracts is the phase where we face more complications than any other. We want to ensure that when the users generate smart contracts they don’t face any difficulties; otherwise, bugs or vulnerabilities could result in financial losses or legal disputes. 

Integrating IPFS into the platform and ensuring seamless interaction between on-chain smart contracts and off-chain data can be complex – this is what exactly happened with us. 

Managing file storage, retrieval, and content addressing while maintaining data integrity and availability was the second most complicated phase of the entire project development.


Solution Provided

We fixed every error with passion, dedication, and expertise. Here’s how we provided solutions to every issue.

Through in-depth testing such as conducting extensive unit testing, integration testing, and stress testing of smart contracts, we identify and fix bugs and vulnerabilities.

We also leverage well-tested and audited smart contract libraries and frameworks to reduce the risk of introducing vulnerabilities.

Our team implemented redundancy and backup solutions to ensure data availability and durability in case of IPFS node failures or network disruptions.


  • Well-tested and audited smart contracts increase the reliability and trustworthiness of the platform
  • Seamless integration with IPFS ensures reliable storage and retrieval of NFT data, enhancing data availability and durability.
  • Bakeree automates the smart contract creation process.


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