Digital E-Wallet Aggregator Mobile Application Development Case Study

Client Background

E-Wallet Digital Aggregator was aimed at one thing and one thing only: A User never has to juggle between multiple finance applications, ever again.

Instead, they wanted the user to have one application instead, called the Digital Wallet Aggregator.

And the app was to help the user make payments from various payment platforms such as Stripe, Wise, Paypal, and Payoneer to different accounts.

Keeping in perspective that most of the financial transactions take place via mobile – Digital E-Wallet Aggregator decides to build a mobile app.

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Business Challenge

One of the biggest challenges was putting together a User Interface that would keep multiple accounts seem managed in one place.

Otherwise, it would disrupt the sole and core purpose of the app – which was to help users manage their finances from one place.

In addition, the careful integration of all the popular and commonly used platforms was equally a big challenge as well. Of course that was a much-needed feature, but still had to be executed with precision.

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Solution Provided

Quanrio helped in making a well put-together user-interface of the mobile app with one goal in mind: to make and keep it easy for users to manage different accounts from a single place.

In addition to that, Quanrio also integrated most of the popular payment options, making it easy for users to integrate all of their accounts in one app – and then have the ability to make payments to platforms across the board.

Results And Benefits

Digital E-Wallet Aggregator is a one-of-its-kind mobile app that helps users make payments to different platforms from one place.

That way, E-Wallet Aggregator helps users manage finances in one app.

In addition, the intuitive interface enables users to complete numerous complex transactions in a shorter timeframe.

This application is a relief for users who were previously using multiple platforms and were often annoyed by the time the whole process consumes.

However, the Digital E-Wallet Aggregator Mobile Application streamlines the entire process.

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