Engro Foods Limited Interns Management Portal Case Study

Company Background

Engro Foods Limited (EFL) is a renowned name in the food industry, committed to providing high-quality dairy and food products to consumers. 

As a forward-thinking and dynamic organization, EFL recognized the significance of nurturing talent and fostering a culture of learning within their company. 

With this vision in mind, they embarked on a journey to create an Interns Management Portal in collaboration with our team.

EFL’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its products; it encompasses its approach to human resource management. 

The objective behind developing the Interns Management Portal was clear—to assist their HR department in effectively overseeing the intern lifecycle. 

This encompassed managing interns, evaluating their performance, and seamlessly issuing certificates upon the successful completion of their internships.

Engro System

Business Challenges

Creating the Interns Management Portal for Engro Foods Limited was a rewarding journey, accompanied by unique challenges that pushed the boundaries of our expertise.

The first challenge revolved around the need to develop a highly customized evaluation system within the portal. 

EFL’s internships cover a range of roles and responsibilities, each demanding a tailored evaluation process. 

The second challenge was automating certificate generation. 

EFL wanted to streamline the process of providing certificates to interns upon completion of their programs. 

The third challenge was to create a portal that could scale as EFL’s intern program grew.

Engro System

Solution Provided

In response to the unique challenges posed by Engro Foods Limited’s Interns Management Portal, our software development team engineered a comprehensive solution.

Firstly, we created a highly adaptable evaluation system, allowing EFL to define custom evaluation criteria for various intern roles. 

This flexibility enables precise feedback tailored to individual internship experiences.

Secondly, we developed an automated certificate generation feature within the portal. 

Lastly, we built a scalable and accessible platform capable of accommodating EFL’s growing intern program. 

The portal efficiently manages an expanding database of interns, evaluations, and certificates while maintaining optimal performance.

Results and Benefits

The development and implementation of the Interns Management Portal for Engro Foods Limited (EFL) have yielded a wide array of significant results and benefits:

  1. The portal has streamlined EFL’s intern management processes, making it easier to onboard, track, and evaluate interns. 
  2. EFL now has the ability to tailor intern evaluations to specific roles and responsibilities.
  3. The portal’s automated certificate generation feature has revolutionized the way EFL provides recognition to its interns.
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