Packr Mobile App Development Case Study

Client Background

Packr, a dynamic startup, had a visionary concept to create a platform that connects travelers with individuals at home.

This innovative idea aimed to enable home-sitting individuals to make buyer requests to travelers heading to their respective countries.

By leveraging the travelers’ luggage space, the request posters could receive desired items from anywhere in the world while compensating the travelers for their assistance.

That way, Packr not only facilitated logistics but also fostered global networking opportunities, bringing people together in a purposeful, need-led way.

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Business Challenge 

Packr’s success in the initial phase depended on engaging a large user base – hence, they were faced with the crucial challenge of reaching a vast audience.

Recognizing that a significant portion of internet and technology users rely heavily on mobile devices, Packr sought to develop a mobile app as the primary means of driving traffic and helping potential users connect with one another.

This decision was driven by the realization that mobile devices are more accessible to the target audience, ensuring seamless engagement with the platform.


Solution Provided

To address Packr’s requirements, Quanrio stepped in and delivered a highly functional mobile app using the versatile React Native framework.

That allowed for efficient development and ensured the app’s compatibility across various mobile platforms.

Additionally, Quanrio developed a web app to cater to the needs of travelers.

But recognizing the challenges that travelers might encounter, such as battery life, signal issues, or limited data connectivity, the web app provided a reliable alternative for accessing Packr’s services, allowing users to conveniently utilize the platform as per their preferences.

Results And Benefits

Packr had a significant impact on the traveler community in the span of 5 years and the platform garnered widespread acclaim and popularity.

Users worldwide embraced the concept, resulting in an impressive community that thrived on engagement.

On Facebook alone, Packr boasts an astounding membership count of 203,552 individuals who actively participate in the platform’s vibrant community. With an average of over 850 posts per month, Packr has solidified its position as a highly engaged and reliable hub for travelers from all corners of the globe.

The success of Packr highlights its effectiveness in bridging geographical boundaries and facilitating the exchange of goods while fostering connections and creating a sense of camaraderie among users.



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