Personide CRM Development Case Study

Company Background

Personide was looking to build a state-of-the-art B2B solution that empowers e-commerce businesses to achieve remarkable sales growth by harnessing the power of personalization.

Their vision was to develop an advanced AI-based behavior-learning system capable of deciphering the minds of buyers. 

To enable e-commerce businesses to present their customers with the most relevant products tailored to their individual interests.

The aim was to allow businesses to closely monitor and analyze the activities of each visitor on their website.

Moreover, it captures vital information such as preferences, browsing time, visited categories, location, demographics, and overall purchasing patterns.

By leveraging this valuable data, the solution enables businesses to offer a highly personalized and tailored shopping experience.

Create a rewarding Retail Journey your Customers Come Back For

Business Challenges

The greatest challenge lay not in developing the solution itself, but rather in the limited number of e-commerce users in Pakistan.

In comparison to countries like the US, UK, Canada, or China, where the e-commerce industry has reached soaring heights, Pakistan is still in its infancy stage, when it comes to online shopping.

In short, the crux of the issue lies in the scarcity of data. 

With a small portion of the population actively engaged in e-commerce, gathering sufficient data became a daunting task.

We realized that the success of the solution hinged on equipping it with a substantial amount of data. 

Without a robust data foundation, our offering would fail to deliver meaningful insights and fruitful outcomes to ecommerce platforms.

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Solution Provided

First and foremost, we recognized that while the current number of e-commerce users in Pakistan may be relatively small, there is a notable surge in the establishment of new e-commerce ventures. 

Building upon this insight, we strategically positioned ourselves to cater to the ideal target market – small e-commerce businesses and startups. 

It’s an efficient and cost-effective way for small e-commerce businesses to unlock the power of personalized experiences and gain a competitive edge.

Secondly, our vision extends beyond the borders of Pakistan. 

Recognizing the thriving e-commerce landscape in Europe, we are actively working towards expanding our services to cater to businesses in this dynamic market.

Results and Benefits

  1. Gul Ahmed, a renowned fashion brand recognized the immense potential of the solution, they became our esteemed first customer.
  2. In collaboration with the visionary leadership of Stefan Avivson, we successfully ventured into international territories
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