Sol Shamans NFTs Development Case Study

Client Background

Sol Shamans wanted to build NFTs that reflect the ancient and historic shamanic and other several types of ancient wisdom.

The aim to create shamanic NFTs was to bring them into the world with the help of NFTs.

In addition, the history and ancient wisdom that most people have not engaged with want to relive by embracing the limitless possibilities of the digital age.

In short, the goal was to bridge the gap between timeless wisdom and modern technology with the help of the world’s most discussed innovation NFTs.

Sol Shamans

Business Challenges

Quanrio and the team come across plenty of challenges and complications while designing Sol Shamans NFTs.

The greatest challenge and also the hardest to deal with was thinking about the ancient tradition and culture.

The challenge lies in sourcing reliable information, verifying historical accuracy, and consulting with cultural experts to maintain the integrity of ancient teachings.

Another challenge that was difficult to deal with was developing a robust technological infrastructure to support the creation, storage, and trading of NFTs involves addressing scalability, security, and interoperability challenges.

Interpreting ancient wisdom into visually captivating NFTs was also one of the biggest complications that we experienced during the project completion journey.

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Solution Provided

Quanrio with the assistance of a creative and professional team of blockchain developers over the challenges.

Quanrio not just helped in the designing and development of the Sol Shamans NFTs, but also assists with the marketing and promotion all over the internet, helping the project to make a well-known name on the blockchain.

Results and Benefits 

Sol Shamans is a collection of NFTs containing 7,777 tokens with the possibility of 1.77 billion combinations. 

Sol Shamans are envisioned to be minted on Ethereum as an ERC-721A NFT.

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