SYACSYAC NFT Collection Platform Development Case Study

Client Background

SYAC is an NFT-based platform where the NFT collection is centered around young apes. This platform was built inspired by “Growing Pains” one of the popular TV shows.

The owner of this platform wanted to create an entertaining digital experience for users.

This is why they choose the mischievous nature of the characters in the TV show.

The platform aims to offer high utility to its members through various features such as IRL bitcoin mining and token rewards for NFT holders.

Additionally, SYAC is motivated to give back to children and youth charities.

Moreover, providing exclusive benefits such as commercial rights and limited edition merchandise.


Business Challenges

Developing a platform like SYAC presents several challenges. Some of the most complicated problems which take weeks to fix are mentioned below. 

The biggest problem that we faced was the implementation of smart contracts to manage tFTs, token rewards, and other functionalities. 

Also dealing with the complexity of smart contract development, including potential vulnerabilities and bugs was also a bug challenge.

Another issue that we faced was integrating the platform with blockchain technology, such as Ethereum and IPFS.

Ensuring seamless communication between the platform and the blockchain while maintaining data integrity and security was a technical challenge.


Solution Provided

To provide solutions to all the challenges we dedicate experienced blockchain developers who specialize in smart contract development. 

They conducted thorough code reviews and testing to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities and bugs. 

We leverage established libraries and frameworks to streamline development and ensure compatibility with decentralized protocols. 

As a development company behind this platform, we implemented robust data validation and encryption mechanisms to maintain data integrity and security.

Results & Benefits

  • SYAC provides users with access to a unique collection of NFTs featuring young apes with over 200 accessories, expressions, and clothing options.
  • Users who hold SYAC NFTs gain access to various membership benefits, including token rewards, mining revenue, commercial rights, exclusive merchandise, and community events. 
  • SYAC NFT holders receive daily token rewards, allowing them to earn passive income simply by holding onto their NFTs.


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