The Social Mobile Application Development Case Study

Client Background

The Social App’s main app was to ensure high-level privacy on both ends of the exchanges.

High-level encryption that, even if only hypothetically intercepted, couldn’t be decrypted.

And the overall app security is so tight that it could only be breached hypothetically.

Simply put, Social App wanted to build a dream app for every user who sweats about data privacy – which is virtually everyone who uses social apps.

The Social App mobile Application Development Service in USA

Business Challenge

The main challenge was to develop such a secure app that would keep the conversation secure at all costs.

Also, if both nd-to-end users decided on a super-secret exchange, they were to be provided with the necessary features to make that possible.

Plus, integrating high-level encryption into the app was among the main heavyweight contenders as well.

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Solution Provided

A fool-proof system was set up for Social Apps where no one could be allowed into the conversation.

By a fool-proof system, we mean that conversation couldn’t be viewed even in its encrypted form.

Even if it was to happen, the conversation was fully protected via high-quality encryption so that it couldn’t possibly be decrypted.

Also, the app also had a feature where both users could enter into the private mode by allowing each other via permission – and even that chat would be disappeared after a while.

Lastly, the app was also made monetizable for users where they could create groups, parse off the value, and members were to pay a subscription fee.

Results And Benefits

Users had a super-secure app that made all of their exchanges secure.

Plus, none of the people could enter the private chat mode without the other’s permission – which they were notified of if someone was trying to enter the app.

Plus, they could actually have a community built around themselves that would pay a monthly subscription to them for parsing off the information.

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