Restaurant App Development Cost: Calculate The Price In 2023

In the present overcrowded world of tech startups, the restaurant industry is filled with a lot of opportunities for those ready to embrace the change.

As the dining experiences link with the digital landscape, the development of a restaurant app has become the business looking to thrive in 2023 and beyond.

However, the journey from idea to creation needs a plan, and is crucial to understand the financial implications.

In this blog post, we will delve into the exploration of restaurant app development costs, we’ll look into the ever-changing tech currents.

We aim to provide tech startups with a clear snapshot of financial implications and factors affecting them.

If you are ready to step into the world of cooking and technology, join us in this journey to figure out the plan for investing.

We’ll guide you to make your dreams of creating a tasty restaurant app come true.

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How Much Does It Costs To Build A Restaurant App?

How Much Does It Costs To Build A Restaurant App?

We understand that if you are into the game of restaurant app development then the cost to build the restaurant app must be your first concern.

As we have previously discussed the features, process, benefits, and challenges of restaurant app development, know that the restaurant app development cost depends on factors like features and solutions.

Here we are going to cover almost everything you need to know about the restaurant app development cost so make sure to stick with us till the end.

Look! On average, a simple app may cost you from $10,000 to $50,000 but it varies greatly depending on the features, complexity, platform (Android or iOS), design, and location of the development team.

If you opt for a more complex and feature-rich application then it may cost you up to $50,000 to $100,000 or more.

BUT…. remember that these figures are just general estimates and the actual cost can vary according to the project requirements.

Consult with an experienced restaurant app development company to get an actual estimate.

Let’s have a look at the factors affecting the restaurant app development cost.

Factors Affecting The Restaurant App Development Cost

Factors Affecting The Restaurant App Development Cost

1. App Size

App size! Yes, app size is one of the factors affecting the restaurant app development cost.

If your app is large then the cost of your restaurant app development might be a little high.

And the size of your app depends on your business.

If your app is going to be large then the software needs to have more features and functionalities to provide large-scale operation services.

Hence, the size of your restaurant mobile app will influence the cost. 

2. Platform and Devices

The selection of platforms and devices is the next most prominent feature affecting the restaurant app development cost.

It is obvious that if you create an app for a single platform then it will cost you less as compared to creating it for several.

If you want to develop your app for both Android and iOS then it will cost you more.

Many On-demand restaurant app development companies opt for only one platform to launch their application.

So, for enhancing your user base, iOS, and Android app development are great ways.

Also, device generation is one more countable factor that affects restaurant app development costs.

3. Features and Functions

Features and functions are other crucial elements affecting the restaurant app development cost

A restaurant app development company can give you an accurate estimation of restaurant app development costs based on features and functionalities.

But remember that the additional features and complexity can affect your restaurant app development cost.

4. UI/UX

UI/UX is another factor that influences the overall cost of restaurant app development.

An attractive UI/UX is very important to attract customers and stand apart from others in the market.

An experienced restaurant app developer can guide you about what to add to your app.

A more attractive and user-friendly interface can help you attract more customers.

5. Development Team

You may think that this factor does not count in influencing the restaurant app development cost but it is one of the most important factors.

You must include this factor when calculating the overall restaurant app development cost.

How, you ask?

Because the size of the team and hourly charges of the development team matter a lot.

6. App Maintenance Cost

You may think that the app maintenance cost is not included in the development cost but this is not the case as it is very important because it affects the overall developmental cost.

App maintenance is very important as it keeps your app updated with new features, and functionalities, and looks for various bugs or errors.

7. Tech Stack Cost

Selecting the tech stack is also very important and contributes to restaurant app development costs.

It helps in determining the number of technologies, programming languages, and basic architecture of the application.

You should understand the pros and cons of technology whether you are building on React.js or Flutter.

8. Core App Development

The core app development process includes the backend and front-end development.

The backend runs on the server rather than the device and frontend development occurs on the device itself.

9. API Integration Cost

API integration is an essential part of the restaurant apps because it connects the apps with third-party services.

Integrating the cost of API ( Application programming interface) into applications varies depending on the number of APIs and complexities.

10. Testing Cost

Testing of the app can also affect the restaurant app development cost and it is a very important step to check the application for bugs and errors.

11. App Store Optimization (ASO)

As we all know the market is saturated with hundreds of restaurant apps out there so building an app is not just enough to attract users.

To get noticed by your users, you need to optimize your app on the App Store or Play Store to rank higher.

App Store Optimization can help in improving app downloads and bringing more users to the application.

12. App Advertising And Marketing

Once done with the app development, you need to advertise and market your app.

App advertising and marketing can help to drive the users towards your application.

Your marketing campaigns may need paid social media campaigns which might cost you from a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the application.

13. Security And Compliance Cost

Users have become very cautious about their data and security.

They don’t want any application that is at the potential risk of getting hacked.

They do not want their data to get leaked so make sure to invest in the security and compliance of your app.

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Advanced Features Affecting the Restaurant App Development Cost

Let’s have a look at some advanced features that affect the restaurant app development cost.

1. Booking or Order History

Booking and order history is one of the most essential features.

Not everyone is capable of seeing their booking and order history.

This feature will provide comfort to the clients when using mobile apps.

This feature will help users to see their recent, and past bookings and order history.

2. Food Menu

The mobile restaurant app should have a list of food alternatives according to the category.

The categories must be organized according to the prices and precise images.

3. Search Filter

The search filter should not only be restricted to just entering the restaurant’s name but it must also contain the date, time, number of persons, and cuisines.

4. Creating a Personalized Menu

You should provide the custom menu feature in your restaurant’s app to provide customers with specialized menus.

You should offer your customers an option to include and remove ingredients as per their diet.

Thai features may attract health-conscious clients and can contribute to increasing the restaurant app development cost.

5. Incorporate Social Media

You can also include a feature where users can be able to join or download your restaurant’s app.

Also, know that through this feature users will be able to publish their reviews wherever they want to.

6. Customer Assistance

AI-powered chat assistants can provide your users with constant support.

Users can easily communicate with the users and ask any restaurant or management-related queries with it.

Integrating AI-powered chatbots in your restaurant’s app can also contribute to increasing the restaurant app development cost.

7. Book a Table

The reservation of table option in your app allows users to book their table at their desired date and time and will save them from a lot of hassle.

8. Geolocation

The geolocation feature in your app helps you to offer your services in multiple locations.

This tactic can also help you retain existing customers and attract new ones.

9. Push Notifications

Push notifications are also very useful for customers as they will help them with information that is important to them.

10. Rating And Reviews

The rating and reviews section in your app allows users to rate your services and also leave honest reviews.

These features also contribute to increasing your restaurant app development cost.


What factors influence the cost of restaurant apps in 2023?

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Are there ongoing costs associated with maintaining a restaurant app after its initial development?

Understand the post-launch, including regular updates, bug fixes, and server maintenance to ensure that the app is up-to-date and efficient.

How does the choice of technology stack impact the restaurant app development cost?

Dive into the role of technology frameworks, programming languages, and database systems in determining the overall expenses of building and maintaining the restaurant app.

What are some cost-saving strategies for startups looking to develop a restaurant app in 2023?

Explore some potential cost-cutting measures like prioritizing essential features, considering cross-platform development, and collaborating with experienced and cost-effective development teams.

What are the potential revenue streams for a restaurant app and how can they offset development costs?

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