Website Design Process: 5 Easy-To-Follow Steps For Designing A Website

The Website Design Process is fun! Given that you are doing it the right way.

Designing a website is a complex task. It includes everything from knowing your target audience, developing a website accordingly, putting together a wireframe for properly structuring your website, and writing catchy content to grab your visitor’s attention.

Is it getting too much for you? Well, don’t worry. We have put together an easy-to-follow 5-step website design process that will help you develop an amazing website for your target audience.

Here we go…

Website Design Process STEP-BY-STEP: Here’s How To Design Your Website In 5 Simple Steps

Step#1: Define The Goal Of Your Website

Defining the goal of your website lays the foundation for everything else that will follow. That is why it is an important part of the website design process. Once you define it, you will be able to keep everything relevant, from design, and content, to the overall layout and everything in between.

But, how do you define the goal of a website?

Well, the key to completing this step of the process requires asking key questions.

How To Identify The Goal Of Your Website

Discover Your Target Audience:

Knowing your target audience is a crucial part of the website design process. If you design your website according to your target audience, you have a better chance of engaging your visitors and keeping them on your website. It will help you improve your rankings on the search engine results page. Plus, it will be also relatively easier for you to make more sales.
There are some tricks that you can use to learn more about your target audience. For example:

  1. Visiting the website of your well-performing competitors.
  2. Develop an industry-relevant design that serves greater value than the designs of your competitors.

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Find Your Target Audience

Step#2: Create Wireframe & Develop The Sitemap

Website Design Process: Making a Website Wireframe

“Wireframe” is the word that you hear a lot whenever web design services are mentioned. That’s because wireframe plays the main role in setting up your website’s structure.

Once the wireframe is ready, it’s time for some mockups. Trying out various designs in mockups will help you see your website from the visitor’s point of view. But, why is it important to consider in the web design process? Well, that’s because Google prefers the user’s point of view when it comes to ranking websites.

One of the strongest and prime examples, in this case, is Google’s Core Web Vitals. All three factors that are collectively called Core Web vitals consider the user’s point of view instead of robotic measurements. This is why Largest Contentful Paint is a Core Web Vital instead of Time To First Byte.

Here’s How To Wireframe A Website In 3 Simple Steps

XML Sitemaps or HTML Sitemaps? Which One Is Preferable?

Well, there is a lot that can be said about this topic and why it is important for the website design process. But to be precise, we will keep the answer straightforward: XML Sitemaps are better for SEO.

Now there are two things that you can do here. One is observing the sitemaps of your well-performing competitors or coming up with your own.

But, why are we putting such emphasis on the get-go? That’s because your website should be in a ready-to-go mode when it comes to conquering higher ranking spots on Google. stay in good shape for Search Engine Optimization from the get-go!

SEO Benefits Of XML & HTML Sitemaps

Step#3: Write Content

Here comes the king in the website design process.

Content is king, and there is no doubt about it. Even if your website has a decent amount of visitors, written content has the power to keep them coming and stay engaged.

But, if your website is not getting any traffic, don’t worry. Curating well-researched, unique, and valuable content can help your website rank and drive insane amounts of traffic to your website.

Compelling web copies capture the attention of your visitors by harmonizing with your website’s design. Hence, the word count, keyword incorporation, and creativity are the three most important things to consider is the website design process.

Step#4: Test Your Website

A legitimate website design process cannot be concluded without testing and quality assurance.

In this stage, it is important to keep your eye on every factor that plays a crucial role in web site’s ranking, user engagement, and overall design.

As far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned, you can consider using Screaming Frog. It crawls your website and delivers a complete performance report including poor URLs and every bit of information that is mentioned in a standard website performance report.

However, we will highly recommend that you hire an agency to perform the quality assurance. And if you are just starting and cannot afford to hire an agency, then consider asking for a favor from your friends.

It is very important to receive honest reviews about your product, especially when it comes to website design services. It helps your website rank better by letting you make necessary changes to your website’s layout, and wireframe to content, design, and everything in between.

Step#5: Launch Your Website

Website Design Process: Launching Your Website

After completing all the steps of the website design process and performing a complete quality assurance test, you can launch your website.

However, there are two extremes that you need to avoid here.

One extreme is where website owners abandon their websites completely. This is wrong. Abandoning your website affects its ranking on the Search Engine Results Page. This not only costs you sales and lost traffic but also cancels out all the effort that was put into the website design process in the first place.

The other extreme is where website owners identify room for improvement but they are afraid to make the necessary changes in the website’s design, layout, and content. Always remember, there is always room for improvement in everything that we design, develop, and manufacture. That is why updates keep getting released, whether the product was developed by a start-up or a globally dominating tech giant.

Improvement is the only way forward. Hence, do not lose hope or overthink. Once you identify the room for enhancement, plan how you will perform the necessary changes and execute them. That way, your website will retain its ranking and satisfy your visitors.

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It takes a legitimate website design process to develop stellar website designs.

Stellar website designs include everything from outstanding content to the solid structure and compelling designs.

Hence, it is important to spend an appropriate amount of time in web development and avoid the rush, whether it’s adrenaline or not.

So, did we miss out on a detail? Got a suggestion to add value to this blog post? Be sure to give us feedback!