What Is Early-Stage Web Application Development? Discussing Web App Development, Key Concepts, Tech Stacks, And More.

The early-stage web application is one of the most interesting stages of development. This is where amazing ideas take place through extensive brainstorming sessions. This is called the ideation stage. The purpose of this stage is to understand the requirements of the client and come up with befitting ideas.

But, how will developers validate their ideas? Well for that purpose, developers conduct market research where they analyze the competitor’s research. It not only helps them validate their ideas but that is also how they figure out the USP for their project.

In this post, we are going to discuss early-stage web application development, what is early-stage web app action development, and key concepts used in web app development. So without further ado, let’s jump right into discussing what is web application development!

What is Web App Development?

Web app development or web application development is a process of building applications that run on the web. Today, web-based applications are one of the most powerful ways to engage visitors.

Businesses all over the world are hiring web app developers to either launch their Progressive Web Application to increase sales like Lancome.

Side Fact: Did you know? Lancome was able to increase its conversion rate by 17% and decreased its bounce rate by 35% year-on-year and enjoy an 11% in average order just by launching a Progressive Web Application.

And remember, decreasing your website’s bounce rate is one of the most effective ways to rank on Google. But tech companies don’t launch PWAs or other web-based applications just to improve their Google Rankings.

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As we saw in Lancome’s case and many other companies start seeing higher conversion rates by launching Web Applications. But now you might ask, what’s in it for a web app developer? Well, HIGH DEMAND! If you know how to develop a web app, then you are in demand!

But wait… What if you just heard about it, landed on several blog posts, and not trying to realize where to start?

Well, some of the languages commonly used to develop a web application are:

  1. JavaScript
  2. Python
  3. C++
  4. C#
  5. Java
  6. Perl
  7. PHP

Web App Development: What You Need To Know

What Is Early-Stage Web Application Development?

Early-stage web application development, as the name suggests, is the early stage involved in the web application development process.

So there are 4 stages of the web application development process. Some people break that down to make it 5 or 6.

So the Early-Stage Web Application Development starts with the ideation. In that stage, web app developers engage in brainstorming sessions. The objective of these sessions is to identify the key features of an app, how the client’s requirements would look practically, what features must be added, identifying features that will be added ideally (to add further value), and what features to avoid adding.

All of those factors are identified in the first step of the first stage of the web app development process.

Then, web app developers conduct market research. This is the second step of the first stage of the web app development process. This is when they do competitive analyses and examine competitors’ applications to make something better than that.

Simply put, brainstorming sessions or ideation stage is the core part of Early-Stage Web Application Development.

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Key Concepts In Early-Stage Web Application Development?

Early-Stage Web Application Development Key Concepts

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The backend is the part of a computer where all the data is stored. Think about it as a warehouse for keeping data. Whenever a user searches a query, the computer put together all the relevant pieces of data and it from the database to the user’s display. This is why it is called backend.

Side note: Data is made of various pieces of information that lay in scattered form When all the relevant pieces of data are put together according to the query of the user, only then it is known as the information.


The front-end is also known as the user or client-side. This is where you see the User Interface. Basically whatever you can see on your screen is known as the client-side / user-side/ or the front-end.


It is the main structure of the application. Whether it’s a web application or a mobile application, we always need wireframes to develop an application. Usually, graphic designers start by making rough sketches using pen and paper.

Tech Stack:

We always need a technology stack to develop an application. A technology stack, as the name suggests, is a stack of various technologies that are used to create an app. It involves a Database, Back-end web app framework, front-end web framework, a programming language, environment, engine, web server, etc.

Here are some of the commonly used technology stacks used to create a web-based application:


L = Linux / Windows / MacOS (operating system)

A = Apache (HTTP Server)

M = MySQL (Relational Databse Management)

P = PHP / Perl / Python (programming language)


Python (programming language)

Django (web app framework)

Apache (webserver)

MySQL (database)

MEAN stack

M = MongoDB (Database)

E = Express.js (back-end web app framework)

A = Angular.js (front-end web framework)

N = Node.js (JavaScript Runtime Environment, developed on Chrome’s V8 Javascript Engine)

MERN Stack

M = MongoDB (Database)

E = Express.js (back-end web app framework)

R = React.js (front-end JavaScript Library)

N = Node.js (JavaScript Runtime Environment, developed on Chrome’s V8 Javascript Engine).


Web Application Development is one of the most important things for businesses around the world. It’s not only an amazing way to engage your visitors but Progressive Web Apps have also been proven to increase conversion rate.

Yes, that means that your monthly turnovers can be supplemented if you get a progressive web application for your company. We have seen this in the case of Lancome and a list of other brands that increased their conversion rate by getting web applications developed for their customer base.

We can help you get one fr your business so that you enjoy a decreased bounce rate, engage visitors, and increase conversion rates as well. Drop a message to us today and we’ll be happy to assist you!