10 Prominent Features In Your Hotel App Development

Whether you’re on your way to a hotel app development journey or a mobile app for any industry.

It’s crucial to consider what features you’ll need to integrate.

A suitable set of features is all you need for a successful hotel app development which is appreciated by customers.

And if this step goes wrong, the chances are that you’ll squander all your investment down the drain.

At this point, every single one of you wants to ask a question: How to choose features for hotel app development?

Well, the answer lies in one single statement: a hotel mobile app is built exclusively for customers. So let the customers choose what features they need.

Simply put, features shouldn’t be integrated based on investment or what the hotel owners love, but rather it should be the features that meet customers’ expectation and makes their journey smooth and effortless.

One more thing that is super important to discuss here is, that most people have a misconception that a hotel app development with more features will be more successful.

But the ground reality is different.

Instead of the number of features, the right way is the importance of features.

If your app lacks even a single necessary feature it’ll never meet the client’s expectations failing the app.

To make things easy for you we’ve compiled a list of 10 more essential features that you’ll need in your hotel booking app development.

Without any of these features mentioned below your app will be considered a failure.

So without further ado let’s get started.

10 Necessary Features For Highly Functional Hotel App Development

10 Necessary Features For Highly Functional Hotel App Development

You can never be able to build a successful hotel app without some necessary features.

Want to know what these features are?

Below we’ve discussed these features and their importance in hotel app development.

1. Hotel App Development Needs Personal Profiles And User Onboarding Feature

Regardless of the type of the application, the first thing that the user is required to do after downloading the app is to create a personal profile.

Allowing your users to create a profile is beneficial for several reasons.

Firstly, personal profiles allow hotels to gather valuable information about their guests, including preferences, stay history, and contact details. 

This data empowers hotels to provide tailored services, such as room preferences, dining recommendations, and personalized promotions.

Moreover, creating a personnel profile gives users complete peace of mind that the app is secure, and safe and will take care of them as a user in the future.

In short, creating a personal profile is mutually beneficial for the hotel business and customers.

Hotels can make use of the data they receive via profile and offer personalized recommendations to the users.

2. Comprehensive Search Engine 

Every complex application that contains lots of screens and options usually has a search option which makes it straightforward and effortless for users to navigate through the app.

That being said, having a Comprehensive Search Engine in your hotel app development is indispensable.

Avoiding this important feature in your hotel app development plan can result in a bad outcome.

2 reasons why having this feature in your hotel app development is extremely important.

  1. A robust search engine simplifies the process of finding information within the app. Guests can quickly search for rooms, amenities, services, nearby attractions, and other relevant details, saving them time and frustration. 
  2. By using different filters such as price, location, number of guests, and room properties. Users can explore every property – increasing the chance of booking them.

Do you want to what’s better than a simple search feature?

An advanced search filter equipped with various options makes app navigation more easy and effortless.

Here’s the list of features that make a search filter advance.

3. Booking

One of the most prominent features of the hotel booking app development is customers and travelers can’t only view rooms and check prices but also book their desired rooms.

This feature not only adds value to the application but also allows users to complete the whole hotel booking process within the app.

If we see the difference between the traditional and modern-day methods to book a hotel room via a mobile app we see a lot of differences.

Booking a room with a hotel app development one can complete the process within seconds.

Whereas, on the other hand, the traditional methods consume lots of effort and energy.

Booking a hotel room via a hotel booking app development is better than the traditional method in every way.

Firstly, a seamless booking process significantly enhances the user experience.

With an engaging interface and easy-to-navigate layout guests can conveniently browse room options, select their preferred dates, and complete reservations within minutes.

Due to the convenience, a hotel room booking app provides, a hotel business can boost its revenue.

Wondering how?

An efficient booking system enables hotels to maximize their room occupancy and generate more bookings, thus increasing revenue.

4. Loyalty Programs and Personalized Offers

Another feature you would need to ask a hotel booking app development company to integrate into your hotel application is Loyalty Programs and Personalized Offers.

These features alone would be a great source to get more customers and retain the existing ones – ultimately generating more revenue.

If you want to know why having Loyalty Programs and Personalized Offers is important for hotel app development.

Make sure to go through the 3 points below.

One of the ways to modify your potential or first-time customers to loyal customers is by offering exclusive perks, such as discounts, room upgrades, or special access.

By offering incentives and discounts to customers via the hotel app, the brands emotionally connect with customers.

Moreover, personalization takes this connection to the next level by offering exclusive and personalized incentives which provides a personal bonding between both parties.

These features boost revenue and profitability. 

By analyzing guest data and preferences, hotels can strategically offer personalized promotions and upsell opportunities through the app. 

5. Smart Travel Assistant

The fifth feature on the list is Smart Travel Assistant.

This feature may sound new or unique to some individuals – as without a doubt it’s one of the most advanced and cutting edge technology in the world today.

However, in the fiercely competitive landscape, where every hotel is looking into investing in hotel app development – it may be difficult to stand out.

Well, this leading-edge feature in your hotel app, will make your app look like better than every app in the hotel industry.

Let’s start with how this feature will give you an upper hand against your competitor.

First and foremost, it offers a personalized and seamless travel experience. 

A Smart Travel Assistant can provide real-time information about flights, weather, traffic conditions, and local events, ensuring guests arrive at the hotel smoothly and are well-informed throughout their stay.

Secondly, most of the hotel app development doesn’t have a Smart Travel Assistant feature. 

But if we look at the apps which have this feature performance is a lot better than the apps which don’t have it.

In short, if you integrate this feature into your hotel app it’ll help to strengthen guest engagement and loyalty. 

Guests who experience the convenience and personalization offered by a Smart Travel Assistant are more likely to return to the same hotel in the future 

6. Hotel Detail Information

If you wish you get more bookings through your hotel booking app, all you’ve to do is to provide more information to your customers.

A hotel app that fails to deliver information about its product or service tends to fail.

In the world, of hotel booking apps every word and image on the screen should be rightly used and meaningful to deliver the best results and ultimately get the desired outcome.

Delivering complete and detailed information about your hotels and their different facilities is paramount t for various reasons.

Firstly, it provides transparency and trust. 

Guests make their decision about booking the hotel based on the information mentioned on the screen.

By offering detailed information about room types, amenities, dining options, locations, and nearby attractions, hotels establish trust with potential guests and set clear expectations.

As we’ve discussed every space on the screen matters and it should be utilized potentially.

By making use of the space on the screen, hotel business can showcase their unique selling points, such as luxurious accommodations, award-winning restaurants, or breathtaking views, enticing guests to choose their establishment over competitors.

7. Payment Gateway Integration

Every hotel booking app development will seem incomplete without having this feature.

Are you curious to know what the feature is?

Here we are discussing the most paramount feature called the Payment Gateway feature.

This feature allows customers and travelers to pay the price of their booking and other facilities directly through the application without standing in an hours-long queue.

A secure and reliable payment method feature within an app is all takes for an app to be successful – as it not only enhances the customer experience but also simplifies the whole hotel booking process.

In the traditional outdated method, customers have to pay in cash which itself is a risky and effortful way.

By having this feature in your hotel app development you simplify the payment process for guests, allowing them to book rooms and services quickly and effortlessly

Secondly, payment features in your hotel app increase the chance of receiving more bookings ultimately making more revenue.

Wondering how?

For instance, if someone likes the rooms while scrolling the app they don’t have to wait for anything to get it booked.

All they have to do is tap some option make transfer the case using any of the various payment methods, including credit cards, mobile wallets, and digital payment platforms

8. Multi-Language Support

This feature may not sound necessary for some people.

But if you want to deliver exceptional customer experience to your customers, you must have Multi-Language Support that allows users to use the app in their native language.

Moreover, Multi-Language Support significantly enhances guest experience, broadens a hotel’s reach, and fosters inclusivity.

Some of you might be wondering why Multi-Language Support has become overwhelmingly important.

This is because, In today’s interconnected world, travelers come from all corners of the globe. 

Providing content and communication in multiple languages ensures that guests from different linguistic backgrounds can comfortably navigate the app, access information, and make bookings.

9. Check-in and Check-out

The next feature that you’re required to include in your hotel app development to make it more feature-rich, convenient, and user-friendly is Check-in and Check-out.

This feature might not be in the majority of the hotel reservation app development, but with time as people are relying more and more on technology for almost everything, having this feature is of great importance.

Firstly Check-in and Check-out through a mobile application simpify and streamlines the guest arrival and departure process. 

With this feature, guests can complete check-in formalities, access room keys, and provide necessary information directly through the app, saving time and reducing the need for physical interactions at the front desk.

Furthermore, the check-in and check-out feature is mutually beneficial for the customers and hotel management.

Hotel staff can better manage room allocations, respond to guest requests, and plan housekeeping schedules more effectively when check-in and check-out data are readily available through the app.

10. Reviews and Feedback

Last but not least, Reviews and Feedback are among the features that take your hotel app development to a completely new level.

Having a reviews and feedback section in your application serves as a two-way communication channel that fosters guest engagement, trust, and continuous improvement.

A potential customer believes more in an existing customer than the brand itself.

The greatest thing you can do is add a feature to your app that enables guests to leave reviews and provide feedback.

This transparency demonstrates a hotel’s commitment to open dialogue and accountability.

Moreover, Positive reviews and testimonials from previous guests can influence potential visitors’ decisions. 

Conversely, addressing negative feedback promptly and professionally showcases a commitment to guest satisfaction and can help mitigate potential reputation damage.