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Quanrio is a globally recognized social media app development company with a team of the most experienced social media app developers. We’ve been providing social media app development services for a long time. We ensure to build feature-rich and peak-performing social media apps.

We have the best social networking app developers having extensive experience and technical knowledge. They ensure to provide you with the best possible social media app development solutions. Whether you want to build a custom social networking app or messaging app; we can do it with total confidence and determination.

If you have a completely original concept in your mind which don’t exist, make sure to share it with us. We’ve helped several businesses and individuals with wholly unique ideas and make it a reality.

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Social Media App Development Company

Must know social media stats and market share before you invest in social media app development.

Reason #1

Facebook is the most popular social media platform with 3.030 billion monthly active users. Followed by YouTube which has 2.491 billion users monthly.

Reason #4

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform in current times.

Reason #2

The social media industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.13% and will reach $2,283.49 by 2028.

Reason #5

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform in current times.

Reason #3

Globally, there are 4.8 billion social media users, accounting for 59.9% of the world's population and encompassing 92.7% of all internet users.

Reason #6

China has the most social media users worldwide. According to a prediction the number of Chinese social media users will reach 1.21 billion in 2027.

Types of Social Media Apps we can develop

As a professional social media app development company, we’re proficient in building mainly any type of social media app. Connect with us to transform your idea into a reality.

Custom Social Media App

Quanrio is a specialized social media app development company that can help you build a platform that enables users to add friends, send them a request, manage the network, tag friends in the post, and chat with them. Custom Social Networking Apps examples are Facebook and LinkedIn.

Professional Networking

Professional Networking apps are used by companies, organizations, employers, and employees for Knowledge Sharing, Personal Growth, Career Opportunities, etc. These apps offer a digital platform where individuals can connect with colleagues industry experts, and or clients within their respective professional fields.

Messaging App

Such apps are one of the most popular types of social media apps. Messaging Apps have gained immense popularity in the last few years due to immediate and secure connections. Users can chat with their friends with complete peace of mind. Popular ones include WhatsApp, Messenger, and Slack. Quanrio with the help of it's social media app developers can build a social media app for you.

Community and Forums

Quanrio’s social media app development services also include community and Forums. Users utilize these platforms to share information and insight and take part in online discussions and collaboration among users with common interests or objectives. People from various industries and background ask their questions. So an experienced person from a similar niche or field can answer them. Community and Forums platform examples are Quora and Reddit.

Audio and Podcasting

We have a team of social media app developers working in Quanrio who can develop any social media app irrespective of the type and complexity. Audio and Podcasting apps are new to the world. Laso their development process differs from any other type of social media app. These apps are designed for the creation, distribution, and consumption of audio content, particularly podcast episodes. Examples include TuneIn, Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts.


One more social media app that has gained unprecedented popularity and people are using the platform more than ever is microblogging. These platforms allow users to post short, concise updates, often limited to a specific character count or duration. Microblogging apps are mainly used to share news and information in real-time. Twitter and Threads are the prime examples of microblogging platforms.

Interest-Based Networks

Social media apps are for everyone. That being said, anyone irrespective of their background, field, and interest can use the app. However, Interest-Based Networks are kind of different. Individuals with specific interests and hobbies can utilize the app to share and digest content. Pinterest, Thumb, and Foodspotting are all the examples of Interest-Based Networks

Features to make your social media app exceptional

Benefits of hiring us as your social media app development company to make a social media app


Before social media people used to have a hard time getting in touch with their friends and family. But now with the help of social media apps people are connecting with their loved ones without any hassle. Simply put, social media apps foster global communication.

Content Sharing

Social media apps are users oriented. Users can share a variety of content, including text, images, videos, links, and more, creating a dynamic platform for self-expression.


The way social networking apps have helped professionals is an example of its own. Experts and professionals can connect individuals with job opportunities, industry insights, and collaboration.


For those clients who are wondering what benefit they will have by making a social media app this point is for them. Clients can implement various monetization opportunities, including advertising, premium features, and sponsored content, and generate handsome revenue.

Brand Promotion

More than 59% of the world’s population is on social media apps. This means these platforms can be a great source for businesses to promote their brand, products, and services, reaching a wider audience and improving visibility.

Community Building

Social media is a great platform for like-minded people. They can create online communities based on shared interests, hobbies, or causes.

the Development Process that we follow As a social media app development company

Research Vector | Banking app Development Company

Step #1 Initial Communication (Planning, Discussion, and Research)

The best thing about us as a social media app development company in USA is that we never compromise on research. We believe that the more deep and comprehensive the research will be more successful the product will be created. Our research extends beyond client-provided information. We also conduct thorough competitor and market research to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding before moving into the design phase.

Web Designing Vector |Banking App Development company

Step #2 UI/UX Designing

A well-designed app is essential to capture users' attention. Your UI/UX design should be intuitive, engaging, user-friendly, and ensure a seamless experience. As part of the process, we develop a workflow diagram based on the data you provide, helping us keep track of user interactions. We then create digital sketches, known as wireframes, to outline the visual structure and performance of your app. The final step involves building a prototype, allowing us to replicate the user experience and app flow. This helps us understand the app's overall look and functionality, identify any design or functionality issues, and ensure a smooth user experience.

CSS HTML C++| Banking App Development Company

Stage#3: Development

After completing the design phase, we transition to the crucial app development stage, which consists of two main parts: frontend and backend. In the backend phase, we focus on creating the databases and server-side components that are integral to your app's functionality. This involves selecting the appropriate programming language, coding the app, and choosing the suitable database engines and hosting environment. The front end of a mobile app is the part that users interact with the most. There are three primary approaches to this.

Quality Assurance

Step#4 Quality Assurance

After the app is developed and ready to launch in the market. It undergoes one more step which is necessary if you want to make a success. The testing phase allows to detection and removal of all the bugs and errors and makes the app error-free. This step is done with the help of the qualified quality assurance team.

Work Completed Vector

Stage#5: Deployment

Launching the app on the major platforms is the last step and probably the easiest one. Once the quality assurance team eliminate all the error and bugs we deploy the app on the major platforms.

Tech Stack

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The cost of building a social media app can’t be calculated without considering the factors tha affect the cost such as the complexity of the app, the number of supported platforms, the developers’ location, and many more. On average a social media app costs $25,000-%35,000. To find out the cost of a social media app you can reach out to a social media app development company, share your app idea with them and they will quote you a price.

The time to develop a social media app depends on many aspects and factors like the complexity of the app, the number of supported platforms, the customization of the app, and many more. The more complex an app will be more time it’ll take to be built. To find out the time to develop a social media app you can reach out to the best social media app development company like us.

It is 100% worth investing in social networking apps because 70% of the world’s population uses social media apps. In contemporary times, a growing number of individuals aspire to actively participate in social interactions, offer assistance, and foster new friendships.

Want to integrate the advanced features into your social media app? No problem! We can do it without any complications. We have the best social media developers and the newest tools and technologies to build a social media app.

If you look at any successful social media app you’ll find two things common in them. First is the intuitiveness and simplicity of the app interface. If the app is easy to navigate, people spend more time on it. Secondly is the use of advanced features. More advanced yet necessary features you’ll integrate into an app it’ll help in the success of the app.

Quanrio is recognized worldwide as a social media app development company capable of providing reliable and scalable social media app development services. Here are a few reasons why Quanrio should be your choice as your social media app development company:


  • We make sure to meet your business expectations and requirements so that the app’s design aligns with your target audience.
  • We implement proper transparency and collaboration throughout the app development process.
  • We ensure the successful delivery of projects helping our clients to get huge returns on investment.

When choosing the best social media app development company, look into the details of the social media app development services they provide. Ensure to opt for a top-rated social media mobile app development company. They must have a proven track record in custom social media app development.

Social media app development services include designing, coding, and launching applications for social networking. Social media app developers must be specialized in creating platforms for user interaction and content sharing.

Quanrio is the best social media app development company in the USA as we are experienced in social networking app development. We have skilled and experienced social media app developers making sure to provide you with the best solution depending on your business needs.

Yes, we provide custom social media app development services tailored to your specific needs. Our team of social media app developers in the United States can bring your unique vision to life, ensuring your app stands out in the crowded social media app development in the US market.

Social media app development is a time-consuming and complex process. Quanrio follows the following process to create a social media app.

  • Ideation and planning
  • UI/UX design
  • Development
  • QA and Testing
  • Deployment and Launch
  • Support and maintenance

The features depend on the social media depends on the type of app you want to develop. Regardless of the type of application, you should include features like easy and fast profile creation, advanced search criteria, real-time messaging, media editing, secure login, privacy controls, push notifications, create and manage events, google map integration, content sharing, attractive profile features, add favorites, and many others.

You can simply reach out to us by calling us or just by sending us an email.

Our social media app development company offers an extensive array of services to meet the unique needs of clients. We provide services such as backend development, designing, API integration UI/UX design, social media analytics, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Social media networking apps are the use of internet-based social media platforms that help people to connect. There are already multiple social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Marketers use such types of applications to increase their brand recognition.

Multiple technologies can ensure the security of your social networking application such as two-step verification, biometric verification, end-to-end encryption, and strong community guidelines.

Many things differentiate Quanrio from other social media app development companies. Quanrio offers you a team of social media app developers who have prior experience in social media app development. We also ensure that the client’s work is completed within the deadline and in a budget-friendly manner. Additionally, we utilize innovative and advanced tools and resources to create the social media app.

As a social networking app development company in the USA, we begin app development by conducting comprehensive research and planning. Afterward, our expert app designers design the app, followed by developers who write code and create the frontend and backend. Finally, we test the app, remove any errors and bugs, and deploy the app on major platforms.

Yes, we can also complete app development projects. If the design is ready and you want to develop it, you can reach out to us. We have full-scale social media app developers in the United States who can help you complete the project. Simply put, we can assist you in developing a social media app at any stage of the development cycle.

We can develop social media apps for Android, iOS, and cross-platform. If you prefer a native app, you can opt for Android or iOS app development. Alternatively, you can create the app for both platforms using a single codebase through cross-platform app development.

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