Coding For Beginners: 5 Tips To Master Coding In 2022

Coding is easy… That’s what you have heard people say about coding.

But, it is true? Well, when you tell a developer that they might be gifted to perform such an art, they are most likely to tell you that it’s nothing more than practice.

See, practice is what makes us perfect (or near-perfect) but it isn’t the only thing that there’s to programming either.

That being said, let’s dive straight into discussing 5 tips that will help you master coding in 2022!

5 Tips To Master Coding In  2022!

Coding For Beginners: 5 Tips To Master Coding In 2022
  1. Learn, Learn, and Learn

And when we say learn, we don’t mean t say reading text boos day in and day out. NO WAY!

First of all, there are many platforms that you can utilize for learning. Books, YouTube, and online blog posts from experts. And we’ll recommend that you utilize all of these platforms to maximize your learning.

Maximizing your learning through these platforms will help you understand the dimensions, complexities, perspectives, problem-resolution techniques, project management, and everything that’s attached to the language.

Ad here’s a useful concept that’ll help you understand why it is important to maximize learning.

There is a criterion set in the Google Algorithm. It is part of the Quality Rater guidelines of the search engine and the concept is used to rank QUALITY websites on the top search results.

It is called EAT. T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. Now let us make it simple for you. If you maximize your learning and practice enough (which is our second point), it will help you increase your expertise in the subject, and consequently, you will have one point to outrank your competitors in the field.

Let’s now look at other tips and gain more knowledge on how you can outrank your competitors in an even better way.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice – We Mean A LOT!

Practice makes us perfect. But, a lot of practice makes us outrank our competitors!

We just talked about E-A-T a little earlier.  The more you practice, the more your expertise will increase and the chances of you becoming an authority on the subject will go higher. All of these components are interconnected.

In addition to attaining a powerful position in your industry, practice will also help you understand the dynamics of the language that you are learning. How can you animate using that language, what are the problem-reolution techniques, the shortcuts, and things like that?

Every bit of that knowledge that you attain through practice only adds to the level of expertise that you have in your field.

  1. Ask From The Industry Experts

Conducting sessions with the industry experts helps you get a more clear vision regarding the industry that you are parting in.

Let’s look at Elon Musk as an example. He didn’t learn a thing about flying rockets in school or college. According to him, everything is available for free on the internet. So he learned it and went to experts, sat down with them, and learned everything he could while he was with them.

  1. Write & Speak What You Learn – Articulate The Lessons Learnt

As Dr. Jordan Peterson says “If you want to learn how to think, you should learn how to write.”

You see, writing helps you think better, and if you think better, you can be a great programmer. Plus, writing what you learned will help you remember it better.

So whatever you learn, just simply note it down on your Google Docs or notebook – just how you like it.

  1. Ponder Upon It! (Brainstorm, Ask Experts Again, Learn More About Your Raw Thoughts)

Brainstorming sessions are always helpful, but when you are doing it with the people who know what you are talking about.

So instead grabbing a friend at random is not a good idea. Instead, choose to brainstorm with the people who are whether learning to code or the ones who are already somewhat of an expert on the subject.

And with regards to spending time with the experts, this is how Elon Musk – without ever going to university to learn anything about rockets and rocket science – was able to launch SpaceX.

And not only that, but he is the Chief Engineer @ SpaceX, and to date, has launched multiple rockets into space successfully. In fact, Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy have been launched 158 times with 156 full mission successes.

So simply put, sitting with experts and spending time talking to them can get you a long way.

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