Is Flutter Worth learning in 2022? 7 Reasons To Learn Flutter And Excel In Your Career

Can you guess when Flutter was launched? Flutter was launched back in May 2017. Yes, now as we look at the popularity of the software, it does sound crazy. When it first came in, there was a large room for improvement.

One of the biggest disadvantages came with being a new software for application development. The idea to develop cross-platform applications with a single codebase was as astounding as it could have been.

But the lack of third-party resources such as libraries made it difficult for developers to use them without spending a lot of time developing icons and libraries of their own.

In addition to that, Flutter also had some bugs to get rid of. However, fought its way to the top by removing bugs. Plus, third-party resources increased with time. Now, developers can find pretty much anything they want during the app development process.

The hard work paid off for Flutter. According to a survey that was conducted between 2019 to 2021. According to the survey, 42% of 31,743 developers use Flutter to create applications. Google says that 500,000 developers use Flutter daily. And in the overall picture, Flutter has 2 million users today.

Its rapidly increasing market makes Flutter one of the best software to learn in 2022. Its community and therefore third-party resources are increasing daily. More interestingly, the demand for flutter developers is increasing along with that as well.

That being said, let’s move towards discussing why using Flutter is worth learning in 2022. And more importantly, what’s in it for you as a developer? How much can you earn being a Flutter developer?

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6 Advantages Of Learning Flutter In 2022?

6 advantages of learning flutter

Pros & Cons of Using Flutter – Is Flutter Safe For Your Project?

1. Flutter Developers Are Well Paid!

Yes, if you are a Flutter developer working in the United States, then your annual income is somewhere around $93,432 (median).

In the United Kingdom, you’ll be able to make around £50,000 per year.

Now let’s look at the hourly working rates of a Flutter Developer in the United States and the United Kingdom.

If you are working in the United States then $75 to $120 will be your hourly charge.

But if you are working in the United Kingdom then £25.64 will be your hourly rate.

So let’s say that you are a Flutter Developer living in the United States and you are not an experienced developer. Even at this point, you will be able to earn around $95,000 to 100,000 per year. That roughly translates to $10,000 per month. That’d be a pretty good life, don’t you think?!

2. Easy-To-Learn

One of the most amazing things about Flutter is that it’s easy to learn. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or you are new to programming, you can easily learn Flutter in two weeks roughly.

If you are serious about learning how to use Flutter, you can start by watching videos on YouTube. To further your understanding and show proof of you consider taking courses on Coursera or Udemy.

However, don’t take practice for granted. Being an easy-to-understand language doesn’t mean that you can skip the line and forget about practice. As far as coding is concerned, one cannot simply sleep on the importance of practice.

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3. One Codebase, Multiple Applications

Developers can create multiple apps by reusing a single codebase. And that is what helps the development team create an application at a much faster pace. This is one of the most notable advantages of using Flutter for deep applications.

So if you want to develop a cross-platform application that offers a native experience,  Flutter is the best option that you have at your disposal. It’s an open-source software by Google which is completely free to use.

And since it is easy to learn, free to use, and time-efficient, startups can ideally use it to develop amazing applications for their clients within a short amount of time.

4. Flutter Developers Are In Demand

Applications of many globally recognized brands have used Flutter to develop their applications. The names include BMW, Google Pay, Alibaba Group, CrowdSource, Dream11, eBay, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and much more! The world needs Flutter-made applications.

But you might ask “why is that?” Well, that is because Flutter helps businesses have cross-platform applications. And what’s in it for businesses? They can enjoy higher brand exposure because cross-platform applications are available for two of the widely-used operating systems (Android & iOS). Hence, businesses can cover a large group of their target audience.

5. Flutter Has A Strong Community Of Developers

Things used to be different not long ago As we mentioned earlier, Flutter was released back in 2017. Its community grew gradually and third-party resources became available over time.

Today, it is easy for a Flutter developer to create an application. For example, a developer can simply download a library to integrate a payment gateway to the application.

Back in the day when third-party resources for Flutter were scarce, the developer had to create these things all by themselves. It only made the process lengthier.

6. Projects Are Timely Delivered.

The broad availability of third-party resources, a strong community, and the feasibility of creating cross-platform applications with a single codebase improves the delivery of the project’s speed.

With the help of Flutter’s outstanding framework, developers can create and introduce new features in the app within two weeks

Does Flutter Have A Future?

Does flutter a future?

Flutter is outperforming React Native like mad. It seems like Flutter is the future of developing cross-platform applications. One of the biggest reasons why Flutter is becoming the future of developing cross-platform applications is that it speeds up the process of development..

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React Native needs a JavaScript Bridge to execute the code. On the other hand, Flutter transpile the code into Native ARM without the need for any bridge. In addition to that, Flutter uses SKIA which is a high-quality rendering engine.

Skia helps develops and create a native-looking User Interface, which helps users easily operate the application. The challenge is to make the application’s operations predictable for a user, and that objective cannot be achieved without giving it a native look.

In addition to that, Flutter is one of the most reliable and favorite options for startups. Not only because it is free, but also because it saves a lot of time. Plus, it is already a choice of global brands across the world.

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Over To You…

Flutter stepped into the game back in 2017. But ever since it stepped in, it has changed the way applications are developed. Today, Flutter is perhaps the most reliable option for developing cross-platform applications.

According to Google, there are 500,000 active users of Flutter who use the software every single day. Moreover, Google has maintained a Showcase of globally-used applications that are developed using Flutter.

“Easy-to-use” quality is what drives Google (search engine) and makes it so popular among people on the internet Similarly, Flutter’s easy-to-use nature makes it a popular option among the community of developers.

The software’s overall performance and improvement within a short amount of time have impressed the world. It has changed the way applications were developed and improved the speed of the development process.

So, what are your thoughts on Flutter? Are you new to the software? Have you been using it to develop groundbreaking applications? Let us know!