Kissan Tech Mobile Application Development Case Study

Client Background

Kissan Tech wanted to provide farm advisory services through expert agronomists who can guide farmers.

The only problem is that they wanted to teach farmers in Pakistan and find a way to help them connect.

The only piece of technology most farmers happen to have is a smartphone – and sometimes not even that. However, the majority happen to have a smartphone.

But even the ones who had them barely used them to educate themselves on their profession.

In simple words, Kissan Tech wanted to build an application to connect farmers with  expert agronomists in order to learn new tech, tricks, tips, techniques, strategies, and hacks to improvise their farming.

Kisan Tech

Business Challenge

Kissan Tech’s biggest business challenge lay outside of the software development scope – which was to actually educate the farmers.

But the next biggest challenge lay within the scope of development – which was to create UI/UX & the overall functionality of the application so easily understandable that, in the most literal sense of the word, a layman would be able to understand and operate.

Not to mention that designers and developers had to bang their heads a couple of times, but we ended up successfully putting together every element of the app – making it super operatable for the ideal users of the app, “farmers”.

Kisan app Screen Showing Different type of crops

Solution Provided

Within the scope of software development, creating a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) was a crucial challenge for Quanrio 

UI/UX is so incredibly intuitive that even individuals with minimal technological proficiency would be able to easily use it.

The goal was to ensure that the application’s functionality was easily understandable and operable by farmers who may have limited exposure to digital platforms.

By leveraging the collective knowledge and industry insights, Quanrio successfully crafted an application that harmoniously integrated every element, making it highly accessible and operable for the target users: farmers.

Results And Benefits

Farmers across a considerable part of the country now use Kissan Tech to improvise their approach to farming.

Plus, after using the app and having interactive sessions with expert agronomists, farmers have become much more aware and better in their overall farming practices.

Kissan Tech has truly been an inspirational application within the space of Agriculture and for the conventional farmers who were missing out on the better part of advancement and modification on the agriculture side.

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