Must Read Guide On Restaurant App Development In 2024

In the ever-evolving world of emerging technologies, Restaurant App Development in 2024 is a hot topic, especially for tech startups looking to make their name in this tempting industry.

Why should you embark on this adventure you ask?

Well just imagine a world where food lovers can satisfy their cravings at the tap of a screen.

Where restaurants can smoothly connect with their customers and where trends and technology meet to give a treat to the senses.

Join us in this exploration as we dive into the depth of everything you need to know about Restaurant App Development.

So, tech visionaries, are you ready to take your seat at the table of innovation in Restaurant App Development?

8 Compelling Reasons to Create a Restaurant App

8 Compelling Reasons to Create a Restaurant App

From the last few years, statistics have shown that consumers have a growing interest in leveraging apps for everything ranging from ordering food to booking reservations.

It will also save you time and money. Are you doubting our words?

Let’s have a look at statistics to know more about the benefits of Restaurant App Development.

  • While 13% of customers use third-party apps or websites to place a delivery or takeout order, 40% of customers prefer to order through the restaurant’s app or website, demonstrating the importance of a restaurant owning its own digital experience.
  • Consumers want more mobile apps for local chain restaurants, but the apps must have easy ordering and easy payments. Consumers ranked local chains as their second most desired type of apps and loyalty programs. Must haves for local chain restaurant apps include easy ordering (66%), easy payment (61%), loyalty/rewards points (52%), and coupons and/or deals (52%).
  • The ratio of people ordering food via smartphone apps has increased by 36% going from 36.4 million users to 49.5 million users from 2019 to 2022.
  • 61% of consumers say that restaurant delivery apps are easy to use.
  • 53% of US diners trust a restaurant’s app or website than third-party food portal apps.
  • 70% of consumers prefer to order directly through restaurants, not third-party services.

The above statistics evident that customers’ interest in ordering from restaurants’ apps is increasing.

Let’s move forward to look at the reasons to develop a restaurant App:

1. Get More Visibility on Google With Your Restaurant App

Restaurant App Development is one of the best ways to get explored by your customers. Do you want your restaurant to pop up whenever a person near your restaurant searches “restaurants nearby”?

But if your restaurant still needs a website or an app then there are very less chances to appear in the results.

So, you can build your restaurant’s app to solve this situation.

2. Compete with Brands

If you are a local restaurant or just a startup your marketing budget must be low. In this case, how can you compete with larger brands?

Don’t be sad as you can still compete with them by having a good SEO along with testimonial as a proof.

This practice can increase your chance to compete with the larger brands.

3. Lower Marketing Costs

Startups may find it very expensive to do marketing via pamphlets, hoardings, and running advertisements on local channels.

Don’t feel bad as digital marketing can cut the bread for you. It will give you the same or more coverage at a lower cost.

Moreover, it is more effective when paired with an appropriate call-to-action allowing customers to place an order.

4. Offering Online Menu Browsing And Ordering

Today, people mostly prefer to get everything at their doorstep. So, app development for restaurants and delivering food to their doorstep will save you from any commission to aggregators.

Furthermore, your customers can browse your menu and order directly from you.

5. Create Your Restaurant App And Break Free From Aggregators

The commission of food aggregators when they first came into existence used to be 10% which has now increased to 20-25%. This has decreased the gross profit margin from 60-65% to 35-45%.

6. Evidence Of Trustworthiness For Your Potential Customers

Add a review section in your application as most of the customers look for online reviews on Google or third-party review sites.

7. Create your Restaurant App, Communicate your Brand Message, and Market Effectively

You as a restaurant owner must understand that you are a brand and to succeed as a brand you should differentiate yourself from your competitors.

And guess what? 

you can do this by effective marketing and positioning.

This is only possible with your platform as the food aggregators would not provide you with the detail 

Cost and efforts to market your app to your customers will also be reduced.

8. Speak Directly to Your Customers

When you are connected through the food aggregators, you do not have your customers’ data.

Whereas it’s extremely important to know your customers as your success depends on them.

Connecting with your customers provides you with detailed insights such as their behavior, preferences, needs, and most bought items. 

Okay, so now that you have reasons to create your restaurant’s app, let’s move forward and explore the categories of Restaurant App Development.

Exploring Types of App Development

Exploring Types of Restaurant App Development

  1. Restaurant Locator Apps
  2. Restaurant Booking Apps
  3. Order and Pay At Your Table Apps
  4. Online ordering/ Delivery Apps
  5. Loyalty Program Apps
  6. Review Apps

1. Restaurant-Locator Apps

Restaurant Locator Apps are very useful when customers want to locate restaurants sitting at their workplaces, on buses, or hanging out.

These applications are especially beneficial for people such as tourists or someone who is in a new city exploring food points.

The best feature of this app is that it allows people to navigate a certain area and explore certain available restaurants and cafes next to them.

Also, these restaurants must provide a detailed description of how users can reach the desired place.

2. Restaurant Booking App

In this digitalized era, people want everything done in just a few simple taps.

They do not want to make a phone call to book their reservation or wait in long queues.

Guess what?

You can solve this problem for users by your hotel booking app.

It will help users to book their preferred seat and no one can occupy that seat even if they are late.

3. Order and Pay at your Table Apps

Restaurant App Development can include a digitized menu where customers can see the restaurant’s menu by scanning a QR code on their mobile phones.

It will make the ordering process simple and feasible for both parties.

Furthermore, these apps can be used to make payments for their meal conveniently.

4. Online Ordering / Delivery Apps

Ordering online is one of the most popular ways to get food at the doorstep.

As a startup or restaurant owner, you can include this category in your Restaurant App Development.

Take the example of Domino Pizza which owns its online ordering App and has become very popular for its fast delivery.

Also, the increasing demand for customers to get their food delivered to their doorstep is one of the strongest reasons to incorporate this category in your Restaurant App Development.

5. Loyalty Program App

Loyalty program apps are created to convey details about any new edition in the menu, food details, etc.

You can develop this app independently to give your customers timely alerts, reminders, and push notifications.

This category of app development for restaurants can allow you to track information that how many old and new customers are coming after seeing the offers and campaigns.

6. Review Apps

Restaurant review apps can help users read actual reviews about your restaurant making it easier for them to make decisions.

One of the most obvious examples of such apps is “Yelp”.

From Dining to Digital: Mastering App Development Features

A guide on restaurant app development cannot be completed without mentioning the features that you must include in your restaurant app.

  • Mobile Payments and ordering
  • Table reservation
  • Quick ordering
  • Online Food Tracking
  • Integrated with social media
  • Location-based services
  • Customer Feedback Portal
  • Gamification
  • Loyalty, Rewards, and Discount Programs

1. Mobile Payments and Ordering

Mobile payments and ordering features can allow users to order their meals and pay for them in a few simple clicks on their mobile screens.

2. Table Reservation

The table reservation feature can make your customer’s life much easier as they can book their table from anywhere and anytime they want.

3. Quick Ordering

From the quick ordering feature, your customers will easily add their favorite items from previously ordered food items directly to the cart and make a quick order.

4. Online Food Tracking

An online food-tracking feature can help users track their food orders. 

5. Integrated with Social Media

Remember that in today’s digitized world, social media integration is an essential step in any business to achieve success,

6. Location-Based Services

Location-based services facilitate customer engagement before customers arrive at the restaurant.

7. Customer Feedback Portal

A customer feedback portal will allow users to share their experiences.

8. Gamification

The gamification feature offer users to celebrate their achievements, challenges, and tournaments.

9. Loyalty, Rewards, and Discount Programs

Loyalty, Rewards, and discount programs can help you to build a long-term relationship.

A Step-By-Step Process For App Development

A Step-By-Step Process For Restaurant App Development

  1. Market Research
  2. Business Plan
  3. Reliable software development partner
  4. UI/UX design
  5. Data safety and protection
  6. Development process and testing
  7. Application Launch
  8. Post Launch Application

Now we have come to the main point which is the step-by-step process of restaurant app development.

1. Market Research

The first step of Restaurant App Development begins with thorough market research including things such as market competitors and ongoing trends.

2. Work on the Business Plan

The next step involves creating and writing your business plan beforehand to save yourself from any errors.

3. Choose your Software Development Partner

Select an experienced and trustable restaurant app development company as it is here where your success depends.

4. UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is one of the most important parts of the software development process. So, make sure to make it intuitive and user-friendly.

5. Data Safety And Protection

When you are opting for app development for a restaurant, the security and protection of users must be your top priority.

6. Development Process and Testing

Before launching the app, many things should be done including quality assurance and testing of the app.

7. Application Launch

So now your application is ready but its successful launch depends on the strong planning of pre and post-marketing stages.

8. Post-Launch Activities

After completing your app development you should focus on post-launch activities and keep updating with the advanced features.

Trends of App Development

Trends of Restaurant App Development


  1. Loyalty Programs
  2. Delivery Channels across devices and platforms
  3. Easy cashless payment processing
  4. Robust Feedback and Redressal Options
  5. Improved menu filtering options
  6. Digital kitchen management for Staff
  7. Integrated inventory management 

1. Loyalty Programs

Increasing loyalty programs can increase the overall value of your brand. You can keep your customers aware of special offers and promotions.

2. Delivery Channels Across Devices And Platforms

This trend is not very popular yet but most probably be in the near future as more and more people are entering into “impulse buying”.

3. Easy Cashless Payment Processing

Easy cashless payment processing is one of the trends that is going to stay for sure. This method of payment processing is the easiest, fastest, and convenient to use.

4. Robust Feedback and Redressal Options

An automated feedback and redressal feature with restaurant apps has been very useful to some extent in making an immediate option accessible to customers in case of any problem with their orders.

5. Improved Menu Filtering Options

This trend in restaurant app development comes from the demand for specific food options. This feature will allow users to find their specific food items quickly.

6. Digital Kitchen Management For Staff

If you think about your staff and want to improve their efficiency then you must adopt this trend in your restaurant app development. It will help them to increase the profitability of your business.

7. Integrated Inventory Management

Another essential to run your food business is to manage the inventory well. So, incorporating inventory management is the most latest trend in restaurant app development.

Benefits Of Having A Mobile App For Your Restaurant

Benefits Of Having A Mobile App For Your Restaurant

  1. Enhanced customer experience
  2. Enhanced Customer Data Insights
  3. Increased Customer Loyalty
  4. Customers order more online
  5. Integrated loyalty programs
  6. A platform for high-efficiency marketing

1. Enhanced Customer Experience

Remember that your users’ convenience must be your priority and one of the countable benefits of having a mobile app for your restaurant is that it enhances customers’ experience.

2. Enhanced Customer Data

Having a dedicated mobile app can provide you with richer customer data and you can track their journey end-to-end.

3. Platform For Maximizing Marketing Efficiency

Your restaurant’s mobile app can also serve as the platform where you can increase your marketing efficiency.

4. Increase Customer Loyalty

Introducing your restaurant’s app to the customers can increase customer retention as well as increase profit and can improve customer engagement with your restaurant.

5. Customers Place Larger Online Orders

Studies have suggested that online orders are 20% larger than in-store. 

6. Streamlined Loyalty Programs

Including loyalty programs in your restaurant’s app encourage customer spending and it has been observed that loyalty reward members can spend more than 60% as compared to their non-loyal customers.

Challenges Faced in Development

Developing a restaurant app can be a rewarding journey but it comes with its fair share of challenges. 

Let’s have a look at some of the most commonly faced challenges in Restaurant App Development.

1. Competition

The restaurant industry is highly competitive as there are already many restaurant apps available so standing out in a competitive market can be quite challenging.

2. User Experience (UX)

Creating a user-friendly application that enhances the overall user experience is another big challenge.

3. Menu Management

If you change your restaurant’s menu frequently then managing it in the app can be very challenging.

4. Payment Processing

Integrating secure and efficient payment processing can be challenging as it is a very crucial aspect of your restaurant’s app.

5. Order Tracking And Notifications

Customers want real-time order tracking and notifications to know their order’s status and this system needs a robust infrastructure.

6. Data Security

Ensuring data security is very crucial and can be challenging as you are dealing with customers’ sensitive information such as personal data and payment details.

7. Scalability

After gaining popularity, your app needs to handle growing user loads. Server capacity and database challenges may cause scalability challenges.

8. Technology Upgrades

Online food ordering from apps is continuously increasing so it is difficult to predict which trend is going to stay.

So, the developer must design the code so that it will be easier for owners to integrate the latest API updates and code upgrades.

9. Monetary Considerations

Another challenge that the restaurant app development team might face is to keep monetary investment under planned limits.

Why, you ask?

Please read our full blog post on: 

10. Technology Stack

A technology stack must be chosen based on each development phase.

11. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Developing an app that works on both iOS and Android can be quite challenging as both of them need different codings.

12. Database and Utilities

Databases and utilities can also be very challenging in restaurant app development because of complex menu data structure, real-time updates, etc.

13. Reviews and Ratings

Incorporating the reviews and rating section into your app might also be challenging as it will open doors for both positive and negative reviews.


In conclusion, as we are at the edge of 2024 and stepping soon into 2024, the restaurant industry is evolving and restaurant app development is on a continuous rise as evidenced by the research and statistics.

This “ Must Read Guide On Restaurant App Development in 2024” has uncovered crucial insights and challenges that will change the restaurant technology landscape this year. 

The knowledge shared in this guide businesses can harness the power of technology to enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and stay ahead in the evolving world of dining.

So whether you are a restaurant owner or a tech startup, 2024 and beyond promises exciting opportunities in the restaurant app development world.

Embrace the trends, overcome challenges, and serve up a digital dining experience that leaves customers coming back for more.

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Why does my Restaurant need a mobile App?

Your restaurant’s mobile app can increase customer engagement, streamline operations and boost sales. Features like easy ordering, reservations, and loyalty programs can make the dining experience enjoyable for users.

How can a Development Company help my restaurant in App development?

A software development company like Quanrio brings expertise in app design, development, and data security. We provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your app’s success. We also provide support to keep your app secure and up-to-date.

What are the potential challenges in App Development?

Potential challenges can include complex menu data structure, real-time updates, data security, user reviews, rating management, and the need for high-performance scalability. However, experienced developers and careful planning can overcome these challenges.

How do I get started with App development?

To start your restaurant app development journey, reach out to a reputable software development company like ours that specializes in this field. They will guide you through the entire process from idea conception to app development.

How can a mobile app benefit a restaurant business?

Mobile apps can benefit restaurants in various ways such as enhanced customer convenience, efficiency, high revenue generation, increased customer engagement, better data collection, increased reach, and reduced operational cost.