What is Kotlin?

In the dynamic world of Programming language, Kotlin is one of the prominent names you must have heard. It has gained a lot of popularity and recognition because of its versatile nature and efficiency. Technology is continuously evolving and developers are looking for languages that not only make their development process smoother but also increase the overall performance of their applications. The speciality of Kotlin is its concise syntax and interoperability with Java which make it the go-to language for many developers.

Key Features of Kotlin

  1. Kotlin can be seamlessly integrated with existing Java projects making it popular. Because of this compatibility, developers may smoothly and effectively utilize Kotlin while maintaining their current Java codebase. Because of this, Kotlin has become a top choice for both seasoned Java programmers and beginners in the field of modern programming languages.
  2. One further notable feature of Kotlin is its short syntax, which speeds up the development process. With concise syntax, you can achieve the same functionality as Java with only a smaller number of lines of code. It also reduces the chances of bugs and makes code easily readable.
  3. Kotlin is exceptionally safe and allows developers to write safer and stronger code. As a result, the chances of runtime errors is decreased, and program reliability is increased.
  4. Kotlin is a good option for Android development because of its adaptability, which extends beyond conventional application development. Thus, learning Kotlin might be beneficial if you want to create Android applications that are feature-rich and perform well.

What is Kotlin Used For?

What is Kotlin Used For

Kotlin is a programming language mainly used for Android mobile app development. But besides this, it performs the following functions.

Mobile Development Across Several Platforms 

Kotlin is used by developers for Linux, Apple iOS, Apple WatchOS, and Android, among other mobile operating systems.

Web Development On The Full-Stack

Developers may convert Kotlin lines of code into JavaScript for front-end web development by using Kotlin for JavaScript. This method enables them to utilize the same back-end and front-end code.

Server-Side Programming

Java is typically used in the creation of back-end web apps. When developing on the server, Kotlin may be utilized in addition to Java. You may use Java Class Libraries with Kotlin.

Data Science

For data science tasks like creating data pipelines and deploying machine learning models, Kotlin is frequently utilized. Kotlin is supported by Jupyter and Zeppelin, two widely used data science tools with Java.