Factors Affecting The Cost To Outsource Mobile App Development?

The majority of companies and businesses that outsource mobile app development have just one target in their mind which is to get a high-performing mobile app within a budget.

But, often companies don’t consider the factors that influence the development cost. Thus they end up overpaying the development company.

These factors are necessary to bear in mind, whether you’re looking for a basic or complex mobile app development.

Also, you can’t figure out the cost of mobile app development if you overlook these 4 factors. 

Below we’ve put together 5 factors that influence the cost to outsource mobile app development.

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4 Factors Affecting The Cost To Outsource Mobile App Development

App Type And Complexity

Not every app consists of the same numbers and complexity of features. Some consist of elementary-level of features and some are integrated with high-level advanced features.

That being said, the cost of development varies. If you want your app to stand out and offer the next level of experience you must integrate ultra-edge features like Augmented reality, Geolocation, and payment gateways. However, you must prepare to pay the high cost of development.

Creating apps that consist of advance level of features takes more hours, tons of resources, and more input and effort from developers. Hence the development bill increases.

Simple mobile app development – Basic features, Premade templates, 1 supported platform only. The cost to develop simple mobile app development is $10,000-$20,000.

Medium mobile app development– Backend communication, features like app login, social media integrations, search option, filter, etc. The cost to develop medium mobile app development is $50,000-$70,000.

Complex mobile app development – 2+ platforms supported, highly engaging and creative app interface, next-level customization, advanced features like Augmented reality, 3rd party integrations. The cost to develop medium mobile app development is $90,000+.

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UI/UX Designers

To make people love your app and spend more time on it, you need a professional and dedicated UI/UX designer. 

When it comes to estimating the cost to outsource mobile app development it can vary depending on whether you use off-the-shelf templates, basic patterns, or a complicated design with serious animations, custom illustrations, and transitions.

If you want to use the first option it can be very cost-effective and with very fewer effort and resources you can get it designed for your mobile app. 

On the other side, if you want your app to look nicer, more engaging, and attractive you can go with the second option. Designers have to make everything from the ground up and it can be way more expensive and take months to get complete.


The technology that you outsource mobile app development company will use, determines the cost of mobile app development. 

The time it takes to complete the development process depends on the language and framework. Plus, the experience and skills of the developers also matter.

A mobile app development firm will inform you about the required technologies and whether they are free to use or have a cost when providing an estimate for a project.

Back-End Infrastructure And Connected APIs

Some apps look very engaging and attractive on the phone, but their back end is not very robust. On the other side, some apps have a very simple front end but their back end is extremely complex. 

That means if you’re looking for something that has a very complicated back end like VPN, the cost may be very high because it consumes a great deal of effort and time. Hence the mobile app development bill increases.

The same logic applies when iterating APIs. If you’re incorporating an external payment gateway, mapping, streaming, and geolocation, you may expect a high cost of app development.