8 Necessary Features To Take Your Restaurant Mobile App Development To Next Level

Hey there, startup champs! Have you ever wondered how technology can help to flourish your restaurant business? 

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Imagine condensing your local burger joint or cozy pizza spot into one app. 

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So, grab your seat because we’re about to unveil the behind-the-scenes buzz of the restaurant’s mobile app development

Look! It is not just about ordering food but it is a pocket-sized VIP pass to the menu being a whole new level of food futurism.

Now imagine your startup right in the blend of this digital dining revolution. Are you curious about the secret to this success? 

Let’s casually walk through the world of restaurant mobile app development and see how startups can level up their dining game with their restaurant’s app.

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Let’s dive in and look at features that can make your restaurant app successful.

8 Must-Have Features in Restaurant App Development

8 Must-Have Features in Restaurant App Development

1. Loyalty, Rewards, and Discount Programs and Building Relationship

During the restaurant mobile app development process, keep in mind that your customers are the building blocks of your business.

Customers form the core of your business. 

As a customer-centric business owner, you must pay more attention to fully planned loyalty programs.

Such programs make sure that there is an increase in customer engagement and the number of transactions.

Keep a statistical interface in your mobile app to understand customer behavior properly.

2. Mobile Payment And Online Ordering

Online payment and ordering features must not be missed while developing a restaurant mobile app.

Why, you ask?

Because online ordering can be very fruitful for your restaurant’s business.

Do you know that 69% of customers order food through a mobile app?

Yes, that’s true.

It also saves users from waiting for their turn in the long queues.

Furthermore, paying online makes their lives much easier than ever before.

3. Table Reservation

Many customers avoid calling their favorite restaurants for table reservations.

For such individuals table reservation option via mobile app is the best choice. 

The table reservation feature can help eliminate the frustrating factor for customers, who do not want to plan a visit to their favorite restaurant.

So, do not forget to add this feature during the restaurant’s mobile app development.

4. Location-based Services

Mobile apps for restaurants must have a feature of location-based services such as geofencing and beacons.

Such features help in engaging customers even before they reach their desired location.

According to a study, there is a chance of about 8- 12% in your weekly customer base when beacons are in use.

5. Social Media Integration

We all know that this digital world calls for social media integration in every business. Restaurant mobile app development is not completed without the integration of this feature in your app.

Upload images of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat so that people can get engaged with them and share their experiences.

Moreover, you can also connect the discount and loyalty programs with social media and the customers can earn some reward points while inviting their friends.

It will not just get new customers but also attract the already existing ones so that the customers will be converted into regular customers.

6. Customer Feedback Portal

Customer feedback is one of the easiest and simplest ways of getting complete visibility into complete wisdom that will help in improving your restaurant’s mobile app development.

A customer feedback portal in the app will make it easier for users to share their experiences.

These experiences and customer demands can be used to improve your app’s functionality and enhance the user experience.

This portal also provides smooth customer service and bad experiences and suggestions can be used to improve yourself instantly to build customer’s trust.

7. Online Food Tracking

The online food tracking feature helps users and admins to track the progress of their orders. 

The real-time progress of food orders and the location of their delivery in real-time help users save time waiting for their orders.

Also, you can easily update users with their order status through push notifications and share the delivery details.

8. Quick Ordering

The quick ordering feature in your app will allow your customers to add their favorite food items or previously ordered dishes directly into the cart to place a quick order.

You may think How this feature can help you? 

Look! Most of the users love a particular dish and want to order that dish repeatedly.

Hence, when you add a quick ordering feature in your app, they won’t have to search for their desired dish.

Unleash the Power of Advanced Features In Restaurant App Development

If you want to enhance your app further then go for some advanced features and an experienced restaurant app development company.

1. Chatbots

Chatbot is an emerging AI technology that provides some exceptional benefits.

This technology can communicate with real people and can provide quick solutions to peoples’ queries.

They can provide the solution to queries that are not covered in the FAQs section.

In the near future, it will be able to solve complex problems.

They can easily provide offers, discounts, information, followups and handle basic queries.

Chatbots can also work on social media as well as on websites and can help you drive business.

2. POS Features

It is one of the fascinating features for customers as they do not like waiting for waiters for long hours.

This feature can save them from this inconvenience as they can order food in advance and then wait for the waiter to serve them their order.

3. Taxi Ordering

A taxi ordering system can also enhance the overall user experience.

You can allow your customers to call a taxi through your restaurant application or website. 

You just need to partner with an affordable and trusted taxi service whose cars must be standing next to your restaurant.

4. Gamification

Gamification is one of the emerging features of restaurant apps. If you want to make your customers happy then include this feature in your restaurant’s mobile app development process. 

The gamification feature will make your app interesting by introducing tournaments, achievements, and challenges that will promote loyalty programs among users. 


The above-mentioned features are must-haves and advanced features will serve as cherry on the top. Above discussed features along with the integration of advanced features can help you provide a smooth user experience. Integrate all these features in your app to serve your customers and gain profit simultaneously. Also, add modern-day functionalities to fulfill the digital age users’ demands.

How Quanrio Can Help In Restaurant Mobile App Development?

Quanrio is one of the leading restaurant app development companies. We have well-versed and skilled app developers who have extensive experience in restaurant app development. We make sure to make your project intuitive and user-friendly at affordable rates. If you have any related queries please reach out to us as we are here to assist you in any possible manner. Trust us and we will transform your dream into reality.


What key features should a restaurant mobile app include for optimal performance?

A restaurant mobile app should feature a user-friendly interface, an online updated menu with images, seamless ordering and reservation system. User accounts, payment integration, location-based services, enhanced personalization, and convenience. Also, push notifications and a review section help to create a user-friendly and comprehensive user experience.

What role does real-time order tracking play in a restaurant mobile app?

Real-time order tracking in a restaurant app allows users to track the status of their orders, providing transparency and reducing uncertainty. It helps to keep people informed about their orders which in turn enhances user- experience.

How can a loyalty program benefit a restaurant’s mobile app?

A loyalty program encourages customer retention by rewarding repeat orders. Users earn points for their loyalty which helps in building a positive relationship between the restaurant and its customers driving customer satisfaction and engagement.

How much does it cost to build a restaurant app?

The cost of building an app depends on various factors such as features, complexities, and platform. A basic app can cost around $10,000 while a complex app may cost $150,000 or more.